Sydney’s Record Smashers

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Power of AC/DC smashes records
KATHY MCCABE From: The Daily Telegraph February 23, 2010 7:10AM

At noon yesterday, the band had sold 212,729 tickets for their three concerts at the stadium compared with 211,747 for U2‘s Vertigo tour in 2006.

As the cannons sounded at the end of For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) last night, the gross for the record-breaking run in Sydney was expected to exceed $25 million. Add to that an expected $4 million in merchandising.

But AC/DC won’t be investing all those takings for six hours work in the past five days in their super fund.

The Australian rockers are one of the biggest employers in the concert business.

In addition to the 105 people who travel with the band and supervise the production and running of the shows, each concert employs 500 security, ushers and other service staff.

There are also the trucks and aircraft which transport the two massive stages as they leapfrog their way around the country. Promoter Garry Van Egmond said only AC/DC, U2 and the Rolling Stones, whose audiences cross generational gaps, were able to stage the mega-event concerts which draw such huge audiences.

He said the tour had also injected millions of tourism dollars into each state and boosted the coffers of public and private transport.

You couldn’t hire a stretch Hummer in Sydney for the past five days, with all booked to take AC/DC fans from as far away as the Central Coast to Olympic Park since last Thursday when the band kicked off their homecoming assault.

“The major costs of a tour like this are staff and freight and we’re employing 500 people at every concert in Australia,” Mr Van Egmond said. “Hotel accommodation has also been at a premium during the band’s visit with people coming from everywhere for the shows.”

Mr Van Egmond said ticket sales continued to be strong after Thursday night’s opening concert as word-of-mouth about the shows spread.

Who rocked our socks


* AC/DC, three concerts at ANZ Stadium: 212,729

* U2, three concerts at ANZ Stadium: 211,747

* Robbie Williams, two concerts at Sydney

Football Stadium: 105,157

* Rolling Stones, one concert at ANZ Stadium: 60,000


* Britney Spears: 66,247

* Coldplay: 59,391

* Justin Timberlake: 57,788

* Eagles: 51,501

* Red Hot Chili Peppers: 45,329

* Bette Midler: 44,622

* Neil Diamond: 43,780

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