Is Bette Midler Getting Ripped Off?

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Is Bette Midler Getting Ripped Off?

March 3, 2010

City builders testify that the Parks Department’s tree pricing is arbitrary and possibly inflated:

Using one calculation method, the city Parks Department could estimate the price of an oak tree 24 inches in diameter at $15,600. Using another, they could charge an unfathomable $123,500.

Often, the bill falls somewhere in between – and always without explanation.

The City Council plans to vote legislation today that’s meant to clear things up.

. . .

Giving builders the option of planting trees would be a particular boost for the Island, Altman added, because it could help move development more quickly and potentially lower costs. The Parks Department charges $1,900 to plant one 8-inch sapling, and usually takes months to do so; builders who testified before the Council said they pay anywhere between $300 and $500 to purchase the same tree.

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