I Can’t Believe I Asked This Question – Bette’s Hair – Did She Or Didn’t She?

At the risk of looking extremely silly, I bit the bullet and asked about Bette’s hair today…since it seemed to be on people’s minds. Well, I got the answer, but was reprimanded for asking a silly question….the first reprimand I’ve had in 6 years of knowing Ms. Midler and her divine peeps.

I feel like such a loser, but I’m glad I did it anyway. They’ll get over it and we won’t have to wonder:

NO…she did not cut her hair….it is just pinned up. I guess she could have had it trimmed…. 🙂 And that, my friends, is the last hair question I will ever ask….LOL

Love, Mister D

(OMG! Did you cut your hair???)

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19 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Asked This Question – Bette’s Hair – Did She Or Didn’t She?

  1. Why did people think that? It looks pinned up. Maybe because you posted the vid of her singing “Stay With Me” from Art or Bust right below it and the styles are somewhat similar? Maybe????

    1. Could be….I just thought it was pinned up too but I’m not an expert on hair by any means….they weren’t mad, but mostly joking with me….

  2. Didn’t she look great! If it’s good enough for Bette, it’s good enough for me. I’m going to pin my hair up as well. Oh. I have a buzz cut. Oh well…maybe you could pin yours up, Mr D?

  3. I think Bette definitely cut a bit your hair , now is using this hairstyle (the same) that looks so beautiful but it looks different, different something short , different but beautiful, looks cool, is good cut the hair a little each month to keep it healthy. I think that she did because she want your hair healthy. and wants to continue having it long.xoxo

  4. It’s obviously pinned up in the back but the layers on top are definitley shorter than they have been in a long time. So it has been cut differently at some point since her appearance on the Joy Behar show, Ellen, Regis and Kelly and her appearance on BBC The One Show. Her hair was long and mostly one length on all of those. So don’t feel dumb for asking. They should be more cool about it. Is it really that big of a deal to ask a question like that? seriously.

    1. No…they were mostly just joking with me….if it were really serious I wouldn’t be making fun of it…it does look different whatever they did with it….and I like it…

  5. Mr. D, are you saying Miss M’s people reprimand you or bootlegbetty readers did?

    On her outfit: I didn’t like it. She could have gone for confort clothing with more elegant and classy outfits.

    A feature that I like in Sharon Stone is that she always appear perfectly glamourous as the old movie stars not matter what.

  6. She looks beautiful and I love her outfit! The way you made it seem was as if they really thought you were stupid for asking such a question. If they were joking than I think that’s cool that they have a sense of humor. Sometimes I just wonder if certain people who work for celebrities ever understand what it’s truely like to be a devoted fan.

    1. The short answer to that question is that they do forget what it’s like to be a fan until I remind them…LOL

  7. hahah that was what we all thought in the first second that we saw her picture. She looks great anyway. Thank you for making THE question haha…i hope you are fine Don!!

  8. You are such a lucky bastard…They were so nice to you…if you had asked ME that question I would have told you to FUCK OFF! LOL!

    Love you.
    Your Brazilian bombshell

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