BootLeg Betty

Rissa Roo’s Spring Picnic Spectacular Or How I Finally Met Bette

Ok so it’s been over 10 days since the picnic and I’m finally getting around to…

Photo: Ice Cream

Video: Every Road Leads Back

Photo: Modern Art

Video: I Look Good

BetteBack: Bette Returns To Touring After 10 Year Absence


Bette Midler Attends Sandy Gallin’s Uber Birthday Party

New York Post Hugh Jackman knocks ’em dead at Sandy Gallin party Last Updated: 3:40 AM,…

Video: Beast Of Burden (Cinemax)

Photo: Rainy Night

BetteBack: “Earth and the American Dream”

HBO TRACES EARTH’S ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY.(TELEVISION) Article from:Albany Times Union (Albany, NY) Article date:April 18, 1993 Byline:…

Hangman: People, Places, And Things

People, Places, And Things hangman game » play hangman

Photo: Odessa Opera House

Video: Record Of The Year

BetteBack: Raye vs. Midler

Midler Accused of Stealing the Show Article from:Chicago Sun-Times Article date:August 3, 1992 Entertainer Martha Raye…

Video: My Favorite Waste Of Time

New Bootleg Betty Playlist Is Up

* The new BLB playlist is up for June…just a few days early. Just CLICK HERE…

Photo: Urban

Video: My Favorite Waste Of Time (Cinemax Version)

Follow Bette Midler On Twitter! It’s Official

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StarWood Donates $50,000.00 To Bette Midler’s NYRP

Starwood Gives Back with New Meetings Program New meetings initiative offers planners major savings and incentives…

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I've just added a new toolbar at the bottom of the page with some neat features…

An Evening of Comedy starring Bruce Vilanch with Scott Nevins at the Bourbon St. Pub, 724 Duval St. Key West FL 33040

An Evening of Comedy starring Bruce Vilanch with Scott Nevins at the Bourbon St. Pub, Key…

Catching Up With Nathan Tanouye

Las Vegas Review Journal BEST BET: Free jazz keeps flowing downtown May 27, 2010 The free…

Photo: Local Shop

Video: Don’t Look Down

Bette Midler lyrics Bette Midler – Don’t Look Down Video – Bette Midler Music Videos Music…

More Pix Of Bette At The Michael Douglas Fete…(Thanks Hales On Wheels)

I’ve got a few more photos of Bette attending the Michael Douglas fete in the Bootleg…

Bette Midler Attends The Chaplin Awards 2010

New York Daily News Michael Douglas snubs son Cameron in thank you speech at Chaplin Award…

Photo: Tram

Audio: New Mister D’s Playlist Up

The Mister D Playlist has been changed out. The month of June’s set features such acts…

Video: Is It Love

BetteBack: Whatever Happened To This Movie?

DA-DOO-RON MOM Article from:The Record (Bergen County, NJ) Article date:May 28, 1992 Author: Sari Harrar, Record…

Hangman: Song Parts – Parts Of Song Titles

SONG PARTS hangman game » free hangman

Photo: Taiwan

Video: Bang Your Dead

Is She Or Isn’t She? Sweet Baby Jesus!

Mister D: I’m still getting word from Bette’s camp that this is not officially confirmed yet,…

Film: Sweet Baby Jesus

Mister D: Variety is the Bible of the film industry, but I’m going to try and…

Photo: Vintage TV Sets

Video: One For My Baby

BetteBack: Theeerrre Goes Johnny!

Theeerrre Goes Johnny! Article from:The Washington Post Article date:May 23, 1992 Author: TOM SHALES For his…

Photo: Glamour

Video: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

BetteBack: Tyne Daly Angst-Ridden Over TV Casting Of “Gypsy” (Mama Gonna Knock You Out)

Daly disturbed by CBS casting Article from:Chicago Sun-Times Article date:May 11, 1992 Tyne Daly, who won…

Happy Birthday To My Better Half, Mister B

All my love, Mister D

Photo: Esquire

Video: It Should Have Been Me/Soda/Beast Of Burden

BetteBack: Bette Midler Ushers The Musical Back Into Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD JUST MAY BE ON VERGE OF HEARING MUSIC.(Preview) Article from:Albany Times Union (Albany, NY) Article…

Jennica McCleary Brings ‘Divine Deception’ To Home State Ohio

Dan Kane: Jennica McCleary bringing Bette Midler tribute Jennica McCleary as Bette Midler By Dan Kane…

Photo: Galatea of The Spheres

Video: Trashy Ladies Medley – Bette & Cher

BetteBack: Bette, Goldie, Julia, Dolly And A Little “Straight Talk”

DOLLY’S A NATURAL FOR ‘STRAIGHT TALK’.(Show) Article from:Albany Times Union (Albany, NY) Article date:April 12, 1992…