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Photo: BaltoBoy Steve

Mister D: Mister D Jr. or the incomparable Darrell Redmond over at Bette on the Boards has been doing a lot of updates on his site that I have been remiss in telling you guys…some of you probably already know this, but the majority probably don’t. So head on over there. You’ll also find an edited version of my jukebox, but with rarer songs, of course, a video section, and a rare radio special. Have fun. To get there: Click Here


  • Television Appearances
    The following shows have been updated
  • The Tonight Show – December 10, 1970 (transcripts)
    The Tonight Show – November 17, 1972 (transcripts)

  • Song Directory

The song list has been updated and lyrics have been added for just about every song that Bette recorded or performed onstage during the early days.

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