From RissaRoo: “Glee” on Facebook Poll….Vote Now!

ATTENTION ALL BETTEHEADS WITH FACEBOOK “Glee” has posted a poll on who should be a guest, and so far Bette is in the lead, let’s keep it that way. I’ll post the link next, and to all you Betteheads stuck in the dark ages get a facebook account (Mister D: that’s smarty pants Rissa) so you can vote it! Seriously, takes like 5 minutes to set up an account so what r u waiting for… get voting for the divine!!!


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4 thoughts on “From RissaRoo: “Glee” on Facebook Poll….Vote Now!

  1. Wohoo! I can’t believe that they linked Bette’s picture in the voting to MY facebook fan page! WOHOO! Which means that GLEE’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE is aware of what WE are doing! Yay us! AND Bette Glee fan page has 2,011 people! 😀 Go us! Keep them fans a’ comin! lol Thanks guys! This is so awesome!

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