BetteBack: The Queen Of Compost

Getting Hollywood to promote composting in Los Angeles
Article from:BioCycle Article date:June 1, 1996 Author: Anonymous

Singer-actress Bette Midler will be the star of a Los Angeles campaign to “keep the green clean,” as the Sanitation Department seeks to improve the quality of its compost by getting residents to keep contaminants out of yard trimmings collections. Midler got the city’s attention after her quotes about compost in the Los Angeles Times. “I love compost, and I believe in it with every fiber of my being,” she told the Times. “I believe composting can save – not the entire world – but a good portion of it. It’s easy to make, low maintenance and just what the land needs.

Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has named Midler the city’s “Queen of Compost,” and her smiling face will be seen on 115 billboards throughout the L.A. area from May through the end of the year. Her message: Never put anything but “grass, leaves and tree trimmings” in the green recycling containers. Yard trimmings collected from residents are composted at the city’s Griffith Park facility as well as at several private sites.

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