BetteHeads and Non-BetteHeads: Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!!!

Mister D: To all the BetteHeads who wrote on Facebook, sent emails, or left messages, cards, etc…thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day so special! I can’t express how much that meant to me and how much I am beaming from all the attention. Who knew you cared? 🙂 Just kidding! You all gave me the greatest gift of all….your time and love and I will forever appreciate it.

On a real personal note…when I’m down, I promise to replay the beautiful video many of ya’ll made last year through Katrin and remember the outpouring of love this year so I don’t whine so much…if I have done so. This has been a particularly rough year so far and I see this as a brand new start for me to jump start a whole new way of life….thanks to all of you. I know….drama queen, well, that’s me. Thank you so much again. Guess I’m still on a high from yesterday.

Anyway, I hope I answered each and every one of you. That was my goal and I think I achieved it. I didn’t want to leave anybody out. You all mean the world to me. On that note, I’ll shut the fuck up!

Much love, Don

PS: I will be celebrating my birthday Saturday night…my first toast will be to you ladies and germs!!!

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5 thoughts on “BetteHeads and Non-BetteHeads: Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!!!

  1. As long as that toast isn’t to the germy ladies…..

    Anyway enjoy the heck out of yourself Unka Don. And remember you can’t be anymore depressed than the rest of us lunatics.

    love ya much

    Miss Jane

  2. You are very welcome, Mr. D. – because we LOVE ya, ya know!:) we’re happy to make you happy becoz you make us all happy:) cheers!!

  3. Dear Mr. D:

    Happy belated birthday! Merry future! You are our best link to the Divine. Thank you for doing this with humor and good will.

    My best hug,

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