Wrong Choice Again!: Amy Adams As Janis?

Liz Smith
July 20, 2010

In other slightly odd casting news, the rumor that fresh-faced Amy Adams, the 30-year-old of “Junebug,” “Enchanted” and “Julie and Julia,” will play the part of the hard-living, hard-dying rock icon Janis Joplin. (Janis overdosed in 1970 at the fair age of 27.)

This would certainly not be typecasting for Amy; however, she is a good actress and I’m sure up to the challenge. (She was the poignant heart of “Doubt,” starring with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman at their scenery-chewing best.)

The challenge of playing someone like Janis Joplin is daunting but worthwhile; tortured-performer bio movies are often Oscar favorites.

But one inevitably thinks of Bette Midler’s great movie “The Rose.” This was “loosely based” on Janis and Bette gave the performance of her life in what was her first film. She was nominated for an Academy Award and deserved to win it. She invested the character and the music with such Joplin-esque fire, fury and wrenching vulnerability that I always think of Bette as the definitive Janis.

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2 thoughts on “Wrong Choice Again!: Amy Adams As Janis?

  1. I just read this online and could not believe it. There must be something about Amy Adams that we don’t know. Hopefully she will surprise us.

    1. She’s a good actress, but not for this part. This one will fall apart like all the rest have….they’ve been trying to make this movie for years and have gone through tons of actresses who eventually drop out….

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