Poll: Should We Have Another Simple Birthday Fundraiser This Year For Bette’s Birthday?

Mister D: Considering the success we had with last year’s birthday fundraiser, I thought it might be wise to poll and see if everybody was on board for this year. I’m going to leave it up for a vote and not press on it too much considering the controversy it caused last year. Just remember, birthday fundraisers are a dime a dozen No one has a copyright on them. I’d be thrilled to do this again, but it’s up to you germs! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Should We Have Another Simple Birthday Fundraiser This Year For Bette’s Birthday?

  1. Hi Don all, Must say its a good thing but i have my doubt’s last “fundraising”you had to work very hard and the $$ crisis still is a big issue overhere. What do you think off giving Bette a HUGE TREE(here favorith one) in a great spot, with all of our wishcards/pfoto’s in it and plant it with the NYRP? Its personal and close to “the course”. Hope you don’t mind me bringing this up. Love Linda

    1. No, I don’t mind ideas at all, but the idea is to raise money so she can meet her goal of planting those million trees, by a certain date….so money is an issue. I did have to work hard but ya’ll came through…it was just a matter of starting early enough and loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg enough…..but I like your idea for something intimate….I’ll keep that one tucked away in my head in case….how much is a tree anyway?

  2. Let us know whatever it is you’d like to do, Mr. D.

    Miss Anne (thanks, Mr. D., you made me feel like a real grown-up now, LOL!) Kitty Galore in the movies tonight, wooohooo!

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