“I have no plans at all right now. Isn’t that fabulous?”

Lesley O’Toole – 4th August, 2010
Cats & Dogs’ Bette Midler: Lindsay Lohan has gone off the deep end
August 5. 2010

Singer-songwriter-actress-comedian Bette Midler, 64, released her debut album The Divine Miss M in 1972 and won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for the 1979 film The Rose. She is the voice of Kitty in new film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore.

No offence but Kitty Galore, your latest screen alter ego, is kind of creepy-looking.
She’s creepy and wonderful at the same time. She’s an Egyptian Sphynx cat and I think they’re related to snakes. She looks like a snake with this longish face and the big eyes. But she feels wonderful.

Are you a cat person?
I only had one pet in my life, a dog. When she passed away I never got another one, I didn’t have the heart. I thought I had the best one already. My mother wouldn’t let me have a cat but I have come to admire them. One or two can be charming. They’re very smart. They don’t give you a lot but they’re there and they make their presence known, which is very comforting.

Have you achieved everything you planned to?
I achieved my plan but I got tired. I got bored. What’s the point? Who really wants to be chased by the paparazzi? Is it really that much fun? I have no plans at all right now. Isn’t that fabulous? I worked really, really hard. I got very tired.

What’s your favourite souvenir?
In my home, I only have one picture on the wall of anything that I ever did in my whole career. It’s my picture from the last night of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Have you made any career mistakes?
I’ve made so many. Oh my God, it’s all so tragic. But it’s best to forget those and put them behind me. Unfortunately, my husband never lets me forget them. There was Sister Act, which was written for me, but I said: ”˜My fans don’t want to see me in a wimple.’ I don’t know where I got that from. Why would I say such a thing? So Whoopi [Goldberg] did it instead and, of course, she made a fortune. Then she went on and did Sister Act 2. I also didn’t do Misery and Kathy Bates won an Oscar for it. That’s not to say I would have. It was so violent and I had no relation to it. I was afraid.

What’s your best piece of advice for up-and-coming stars?
Don’t believe anything you read about yourself. Don’t read your press.

Have you never read yours?
I made that mistake very early on and it made me sick for a long time. So I never read it any more. If you read the good, you have to read the bad. And if you read the bad, you won’t survive because you’ll get sick from it. It’s meant to injure and hurt and destroy. It’s cruel, unsurvivable. And I’ve watched some of these young people go off the deep end. You know, like Lindsay [Lohan] and Britney [Spears]. And now because of the cameras and the ubiquity of the internet, you can’t have your failures or your meltdowns in private any more.

It doesn’t seem like you were ever a diva.
I sometimes wish I were less reasonable so that I could know that craziness and that complete dementedness that people somehow are allowed today. I feel maybe that would make things better. Maybe that would make my work better if I were crazier but then I think: ”˜Well, what will I do?’ Can you imagine my mugshot? I’m so old.

You don’t look it. What’s your secret?
Thank you. I do a little bit of everything. The facials, Pilates, yoga and I run. I really like to sweat. And I try not to pig out. The booze really packs it on. I should not drink. Small people should have half a drink.

Do you believe in plastic surgery?
I think that if you want it and you need it, you should go for it. The techniques are really great now. I’ve done Botox but not in a while as you can see.

What crazy stuff would you like to do?
I don’t know. I’ve never even been that stoned.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore is in cinemas now.

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5 thoughts on ““I have no plans at all right now. Isn’t that fabulous?”

  1. The Divine Miss M, What a wonder of a person, just the right meld of nice and naughty. Sad that she is so tired.
    Finally at a place in life when I would be able to take my best friend, self professed biggest fan, to see her, and now not available. Oh well, always the movies, etc.

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