Lynda Carter’s Rock N’ Roll Fantasy: She Impersonates Tina, KISS, And Bette – OY!

Mister D: This is so bad, it’s campy delish! On second thought, just bad!

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9 thoughts on “Lynda Carter’s Rock N’ Roll Fantasy: She Impersonates Tina, KISS, And Bette – OY!

  1. Oy Lynda Carter! What have you done to Bette’s act??? I used to like you as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman but after watching this…NOT anymore:(

  2. God bless Bob Mackie. He thought of a banana boa before Bette’s own costumer did. That was a bit much…even for a woman who was famous for being dressed as a hot dog at the time.

    And Anne, as hard as it may be to believe thirt..ack..thir…ahem…th…THIRTY years later, this was actually an homage to Miss M. I know this variety show attempt at an homage looks like a full-on and blatant attempt at insult parody, but it was produced with the idea the Bette Midler was a popular rock star that an Amazonian Princess would aspire to be like during her rock and roll fantasy after fighting for your rights in her satin tights.

    She missed in a big embarrassing way, but don’t hold it against Diana Prince. Her intentions were good, but she’s better off flying around Metropolis in a plastic airplane dressed like a patriotic stripper.

    Dennis, she did the Mabelline commercials because, even though she’s born with it, Maybelline still put bread on the table and into her Bamboo purse. Also, her lashes can be seen from space with the naked eye.

    Don’t hate Lynda Carter. Her heart was in the right place. Her talent was just temporarily on the wrong soundstage huddled under a table in the fetal position.

    That said, I feel certain that if we could get Lynda Carter to play James Caan’s role in a remake of Misery after forcing Bette to see this clip, she’d seriously reconsider the role of Annie. If not, I’ll hobble the hooker for FREE! Pass me a sledge hammer and face the glass penguin to due East, you dirty cockadoodie! In fact, I’m going to start a petition on Facebook to have a public hobbling of Lynda Carter on SNL!

    Keep an eye out!

    1. LOL Gracie….sorry but I found another one…..a full Bette cover from another special. She must be a Bettehead with misplaced but good intentions….:-)

  3. Good argument, Divine Grace:) You articulated your point very well and I am now persuaded — coz I like you:).

    PS. First time I’ve seen a “banana” boa:). I couldn’t get over it LOL.

    Take care. xxoo

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