Illusions In Revue Touring Florida

Mister D: I apologize to my friend Joe Riedley for getting this up so late. I lost this email in all my clutter but hope this gets to some of you for their latter shows on their tour of Florida.

Hey Don!

Hope is going well for you.

I wanted to pass on some info if you have a slow news day for bootlegbetty.

We are taking the show on the road this month and wanted to invite all of the Bette & Diva fans out who live in Florida.

As you know Illusions In Revue is a celebrity impersonation show featuring some of the best celebrity female impersonators in the country, hosted by Leigh Shannon as Bette Midler! The show can be seen the 1st Saturday of every month at Hamburger Mary’s. The show was just voted #1 Celebrity Dinner show for the 2nd year in a row. With the huge suggest of the show we had to add 2nd seating now with shows at 8:00pm & 10:30pm. All of the other Saturday shows at Hamburger Mary’s also features Leigh Shannon’s and his Cabaret Dinner Show, which showcases the finest entertainment in Orlando.

We have recently started to take the show on the road most recently to the famous Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach and performed to over 4000 people! In the next two weeks we will be in Jacksonville Beach, Gainesville & Tampa in Florida and want all of the Betteheads to come out and see us!

I would love to see this show, so I hope some of you guys and gals get to catch it.  Unfortunately, Mister D must pay off many, many credit cards.  It costs money for some people to be divine….. 🙁

Love, Mister D

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