The Anatomy Of A Press Release: Yes, Mister D, They Can Be Bogus!

Mister D:

With all this “Sweet Baby Jesus” nonsense floating about with Bette’s name attached to it and not being able to get a confirmation about it….(well, that’s not true…I keep being told there is no truth to it), I asked my friend Bruce Vilanch to weigh in on press releases for me because they seemed so unethical, so unfair. This is what I learned.

1. Anybody can announce anything. They do it to drum up interest in a project, product, etc. to get themselves on the map so to speak.

2. No one’s going to take the time, energy or expense to sue. Usually it’s not worth it unless it becomes annoying, embarrassing, etc. Then a lawyer may get involved and issue a denial or some type of warning.

3. On the flip side, the person being talked about in the press release is getting free publicity. They are being talked about being attached to a movie, a product, or some type of project. What’s that old saying? Any publicity is good publicity!

4. The real victim…the truth. And I will add, the poor fans that get their hopes up every time one of these crappy fake press releases come out. That’s why I’m glad for now I’m in a position where I can find out the truth. Knock on wood.

Anyway, thanks to Bruce for clearing all that up for me. And here’s hoping he didn’t mind me sharing the information.

Love, Mister D

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One thought on “The Anatomy Of A Press Release: Yes, Mister D, They Can Be Bogus!

  1. Yeah, it’s good publicty..Plus, you never know…Bette might change her mind. LOL! Don’t worry aout the truth…let the fans get a lif of their own for a little while. LOL! And despite the LOLs I’m sober! OKAY? ‘m online working….

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