What Other Blogs Do You Read? Want Your Input!

Mister D:

Hey guys and gals! I’m trying to update the blogroll for Bootleg Betty and was wondering what some of you would suggest would be good additions? What other sites do you visit that interest you? They don’t have to be Bette sites…I think I have those covered, but they might be entertainment oriented? Or maybe some of you like a break from that and would like to see some well rounded sites on here or more niche-oriented site. Give me some feedback in the comments section or write me at dtb@donbradshaw.com

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “What Other Blogs Do You Read? Want Your Input!

  1. Not that they’re related or interesting to all, but some of the other blogs I read are:

    NY Times Arts Beat
    Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch
    Entertainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider

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