Track Listing For Bette’s UK CD, “Memories Of You” (Thanks Ron!)

Here’s the track listing from uk for Bette’s Memories Of You:

Track Listing
1. For All We Know
2. Come Rain Or Come Shine
3. I Remember You
4. He Was Too Good To Me/ Since You Stayed Here
5. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
6. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
7. He Needs Me
8. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
9. Mr. Wonderful
10. Drinking Again
11. Memories Of You
12. Dreamland
13. P.S. I Love You
14. Is That All There Is?

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10 thoughts on “Track Listing For Bette’s UK CD, “Memories Of You” (Thanks Ron!)

  1. I had a sneaking suspicion that there would be a bunch of tracks from “For The Boys.” I love that album and I’m glad she’s giving those songs a life outside the film!

  2. Are all of these songs already out in other Divine albums?

    Mr. D:

    I always thought you enjoyed us, your little Divine audience, but I trust you know what’s best for you.


    1. yes…these songs are all on other albums…

      I love you guys…if you read the links I provided you’ll see I’m being sued. I’d have to change the whole way of doing things to keep doing what I do here to keep on. I may try, but it may not be worth it. I love you guys….don’t be silly!!!

  3. Please, link each song in this compilation to its original album. Interesting that there’s a longing for the Divine’s music in the UK but not in the US.

    I wish Bette records and releases Mary and September. They are such precious songs.

    Mr. D, who is sueing you: Miss M’s camp, Bruce or her past record companies?

    My best hug,

    1. None of the above. They all work with me cause I help promote them. It’s a law firm that bought up some old Las Vegas Review Journal copyrights and they’re suing me for one post. They’re suing hundreds of websites. Read the links I provided for the information. The second link summarizes it up pretty well…

  4. They’re trying to make a buck, I think. So, I suppose you’re going to hire a lawyer. A good one must be expensive.

    Good luck, Mr. D. You’re a great guy and I’ve enjoyed Bootleg Betty a lot.

    My best hug,

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