From HBO Canada: The Showgirl Must Go On…A Few More Details Emerge

Mister D: This is a link Mihai found. Looks like 20 minutes has been trimmed off the show. Could be some of the dancer segments…I don’t know….

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On

HBO presents the Divine Miss M, as she wows a packed audience with a full-length concert, exploding with brilliant music, bawdy humor and the boundless energy to which her devoted fans have become accustomed.

Starring: Bette Midler
Length: 70 min
Genre: Musical Year: 2010

Friday Dec. 31 9:00PM ET / MT

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15 thoughts on “From HBO Canada: The Showgirl Must Go On…A Few More Details Emerge

  1. 70 minutes so I wonder what is going to be cut? Maybe the harlette stuff when Bette is off the stage changing?

    I’m grateful we are getting any of it!!!!!!!!

  2. That sucks. The intermissions were so great. Hopefully if there will be a dvd they will have the entire show. But hey, it’s still awesome we’ll get to see this show forever

  3. I think it will be the intermissions with the dancers, the Delores Delago Dream that she’s at the American Idol auditions and maybe some of the in between jokes between In The Mood and The Rose. 😛 But as i said before, if there will be a DVD they MUST release the whole show.

  4. Don is there any confirmation about a DVD? you know i´ve seen the show twice (one with the SM package), and i´m doing to get it on dvd so i can show to my family and friend why i´ve travelled to the US twice and spend a lot of money “just” to see Bette!…anyway, anyone is going to record it and upload it?
    Thank you people, and as i always say, thank you Don for this wonderfull Betteheads place!

  5. Any chance it’ll be a Pay Per View or On Demand or whatever it’s called now? I don’t have HBO. I suppose I could subscribe for a few months. Bette’s worth it, after all.

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