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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The “Stinky” Doll

This is the doll/cushion that Bette and Graham Norton talked about that got edited out on the show. I’m putting this up by request. The reason my stuff came to be on the show was that I was contacted by the show’s producer who knew about my website, Bootleg Betty. He asked if I had any kind of “off the wall” things that I had collected over the years and I named a few things. He was interested in this doll, the Delores doll, a snow globe, a “The Rose” beach blanket, a cigarette case, and a homemade decoupage thingie I had. I know the show and knew they would be making fun of stuff, so he asked if I could send all of it. Unfortunately I had won a contest to go the Burlesque premiere and after-party and was in L.A. and couldn’t do it, so Barry put everything together and sent it all. Read More

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Audio Only: Bette Midler On The Richard Bacon Show

Here’s Bette Midler on The Richard Bacon Radio Show, or The Daily Bacon, from BBC Radio 5, I believe. To listen, let the page download and then click the “play” button. I’ll also put it in the BLB jukebox. Just find it in there and click on it to listen. Thanks to Riss for the heads up….:

[wpaudio url=” Midler – Daily Bacon.mp3″ text=”Bette Midler – Daily Bacon” dl=”0″]

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Video: One For My Baby

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BetteHead Chatter: 11-30-2010

iTunes Podcast Search

  • Riss: Hey all BetteHeads who have iPods, there is a free podcast of bette on the Richard Bacon show! And a lot more interviews from random radio shows…just search her name in iTunes and alot of stuff comes up!
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BetteBack Review: The Divine Miss M

Every once in a great while there comes along a performer who is not only good in his-her field, but comes equipped with a
u n i q u e style making people sit up and take notice. Those who have seen Bette Midler perform have been overwhelmed by her exuberant flair and the manner in which she lets herself go and puts the utmost into her act.

This same abundance of energy comes through loud and clear on her new Atlantic album “The Divine Miss M.” Besides the energy and excitement expressed on the LP, Miss Midler sings with such sensuality and phrasing as to caress each lyric. Her vocal style, stage mannerisms and her dress make it appear that she is attempting to bring back the good-time feeling of rock and roll prevalent in the late 1950s and early ’60s. Read More

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BetteBack: Transcript From Kerry O’Brien Interview 3/30/2005

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 30/03/2005
Music keeps Midler entertained
Reporter: Kerry O’Brien

KERRY O’BRIEN: It’s been a long time between gigs in Australia – a quarter of a century in fact – but the divine Miss M is back for a series of concerts here. In the meantime, Bette Midler has chalked up Grammies, Emmies, Golden Globes, and an Oscar nomination, but in her 60th year, this formidable entertainer seems a long way from packing it in. Launched in a New York bath house, it’s been an amazing career, encompassing outrageous stage comedy, an endless array of music, and Hollywood hits like The Rose and First Wives Club. I spoke with Bette Midler in Sydney today. Read More

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Gift of the gab – Five of Kerry O’Brien’s favourite interviews

Mister D: Brad writes in to tell us that one of Australia’s most respected Interviewers is moving on from the show he has hosted for a number of years and named his 5 favourite interviews. Ta-dah…Bette is listed as one of those interviewees among Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Nelson Mandela. Not bad company to be in, huh? Here’s what he had to say about Bette:

Bette Midler in 2005
“What really surprised me was how seriously intelligent and well-informed she was. She and I just sat down and chatted and we must have been talking for about 20 minutes. We did the interview … then at the end of the interview, we talked again for another 20 minutes. Not often but very, very occasionally, you strike a moment when you’d really like to say to some person, ‘While you’re here, why don’t I organise a dinner for a few interesting Australians that I think you might like to meet?’ I’ve never done it because I just feel – and it’s probably a silly fear – that they’re going to say no and then you’ll feel a fool for asking.” Read More

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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Memories Of You!

Artist: Bette Midler
Title Of Album: Memories Of You
Year Of Release: November 19,2010
Label: RHINO
Genre: Jazz, Pop, Country, Soul

01. For All We Know
02. Come Rain Or Come Shine
03. I Remember You
04. He Was Too Good For Me/Since You Stayed Here
05. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
06. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve
07. He Needs Me
08. One For My Baby (And One More For The Raod)
09. Mr. Wonderful
10. Drinking Again
11. Memories Of You
12. Dreamland
13. PS I Love You
14. Is That All There Is Read More

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Video: Bette Midler On The Graham Norton Show (Parts I, II, III)

BetteHead Eze alerted me that The Graham Norton Show was up on You Tube. So for those of you who don't want to wait, here it is:

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Video: Bette Midler Treats Herself to a Songbook

Better Midler is releasing her 14th studio album, ‘Memories of You,’ a collection of her favorite songs from the Great American Songbook. The star says it was an ‘easy’ format to break into and something she really should have done before. (Nov. 29)

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