National Museum of American Jewish History opening gala hosted by Jerry Seinfeld and featuring Bette Midler

Mister D: According to Bette’s tweet, she sang “Bad Luck” by Teddy Pendergrass and a bunch of Jewish songs. Maybe I can find out what else she sang besides that and “Friends?” (Thanks Eze for the latter) I doubt it, but I’ll try.

(Babs, Seinfeld, and Bette)

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The Teddy Pendergrass song Bad Luck by Teddy. Now just imagine Miss M putting her own spin on the song with a monoloque: [wpaudio url=” Luck-Teddy Pendergrass.mp3″ text=”Teddy Pendergrass – Bad LucK” dl=”0″]

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23 thoughts on “National Museum of American Jewish History opening gala hosted by Jerry Seinfeld and featuring Bette Midler

  1. I agree. Is it the first time Bette and Barbra area together? I love gossiping, didn’t u notice it?
    I would like to know if they chatted or what they did.

  2. Bruno:

    Miss M cooked for Streisand once, so they’ve already been together.

    The Divine One looks better than Barbra, but it seems to me she’s having more and more trouble loosing weight and she’s relying on undergarments more.

    I’d love to have been to that opening gala for the subject, for Streisand and, mostly, to see Bette.


  3. Bette & Babs look look LESS than thrilled to be photographed together…….I think the photograph speaks for itself…meanwhile Jerry is in between them smiling from ear to ear LOL !!!!!!

  4. I don’t know… I don’t like Barbra very much, but I don’t think she is standoffish, I always thought of her as a warm lady. But we shouldn’t make suppositions, they are way too far from reality. I agree with Marcos that Bette cannot prevent getting fatter and fatter and Barbra seems not to have problem with fat. Nontheless, as it always happens, thin people look older than fat people, that is why Bette looks much more younger than Barbra. Now, it’s gossiping time… How is that that Bette cooked for her???? What for? why? why didn’t you tell me that before, Mister D?, you know I love that kind of gossiping.
    Thanx, Marcos!!

  5. Bette’s NO BIGGER than she was in SHOWGIRL…it’s her short hair…short hair can change features…Bette’s ALWAYS pretty and young looking…5 pounds on her is like 20 on a normal taller person.

  6. I don’t agree. I think she has a tendency to get “bigger”.
    LOL, “before BLB” sounds like before Christ, from now on everything you didn’t know or you didn’t post on BLB should be justified by saying that it was “b.B.”
    Nontheless, I don’t understand why Midler cooked for her…

    1. You pompous ass….in an article Bette said she had Barbra over to her house and she cooked fried chicken for her. Just like I might do if I invited you over to my house. And she said Barbra sure likes fried chicken cause she are a lot. It was in a Good Housekeeping magazine or one of those types….don’t irritate me….

    1. Just heard through the grapevine!!!! 🙂 Sorry I was really drunk last night after that Burlesque party and your answer seemed out of line. Today it doesn’t seem so bad!

  7. Bruno is an idiot…go find some other celebrity site to talk crap and leave The Divine Miss M outta it! SHE LOOKS GOOD and she’s not big….done and done.

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