Finally!!! A Betteheads UK Get Together!!! And They’re Beautiful!!!

Mister D: I know half of you and the other half I’m not quite sure. I’ll put names up as soon as I get them. Ya’ll look wonderful!

( Jonathan and Laura)

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6 thoughts on “Finally!!! A Betteheads UK Get Together!!! And They’re Beautiful!!!

  1. Hey don, from the right, it’s a really brilliant funny guy called mike, he sat with us to watch the show. Next to him is my best friend Lesley, then me, Laura, charlene, jonathan, charlotte and justin. not sure of the guy’s sitting at the back with the grey sweater on.

    I’m still smiling 😛 lol


  2. I was hosting a work event (and grinding my teeth the whole way through) so I couldn’t be there…damn! Still, front orchestra middle seats for TSMGO are a great memory – can’t believe it was over a year ago! It would be great to meet the other Yuk Betteheads!

    You’re doing a great job, Mr D!

    1. Oh No! I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go!!!! Maybe she’ll do it again…ya never know! Thanks for the compliment….

  3. Had an amazing time! Mr D, I was featured!! And may be on TV!! :O. But I’ll write you a proper review soon. The guy on the end in the grey sweater is my friend Nathaniel, who has recently become a bit of a Bette fan himself lol xx

    1. how awesome! yes, i’d appreciate a review….thanks so much….and good on you recruiting another bettehead!

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