BetteHead Chatter: 12-4-2010

Bette (TV series)
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* Eddie from Belgium: Bette in the uk charts –

* Kim: I don’t remember anyone ever posting a link for Daybreak. Another one we can’tg see in the US, but for those who can:

* In general, can anybody from the UK tell us what happened on Daybreak?

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9 thoughts on “BetteHead Chatter: 12-4-2010

  1. This morning was good yes again the same old chit chat about the album and such but she was really relaxed. She said her advice to anyone starting out in showbiz would be to pick another career as it has all changed now. I just love watching UK presenters interviewing her because they all seem so star struck all referring to her as Hollywood royalty. Sorry couldn’t be more heplful will watch it again tomorrow and fill in anything I missed. X

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