Need Your Help….For Cher!

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For those of you who are Cher fans, what’s the best fan site for those who like Cher? The producers of Graham Norton are looking for the Bootleg Betty of the Cher world….just leave info in the comments….thanks! Mister D

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18 thoughts on “Need Your Help….For Cher!

  1. our German site is the best in my opinion 😉 always the newest events!

    the official forum is also good 🙂 cher.yuku

  2. Umm. Bette doesn’t need that many sitesbecuase everyone finds everything they need right here thanks to your hard work.

  3. well you know Mister D…..if Graham Norton would like to personally invite someone to give great in site on these said Cher site’s on that Cher episode I would be more than happy to help!!!!! hehehe

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