Another Link: The Buzz: Bette Midler – The Showgirl Must Go On (HBO)

Erin writes in (yay!):

Hey Mr D, and Betteheads.

I found a link that works for Aussies.

The Buzz: Bette Midler – The Showgirl Must Go On
Uploaded by HBO. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Hope this one works!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: Thanks to Erin (Miss Ezz) again!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Another Link: The Buzz: Bette Midler – The Showgirl Must Go On (HBO)

  1. It’s funny she included Friends. I never got to see a show where she performed that. I didnt see any Delores footage. I wonder if those are the 20 minutes they cut off…

    1. I was wondering the same thing about poor Delores…I hope she doesn’t get cut, but it was about 20 minutes….but that’s just wrong!

  2. Hey I saw the show in Vegas and it was AMAZING!!!! Mr D do you know if the YUK will be showing the special at all????

  3. Thanks for this – was dissapointed we couldn’t access in Canada! Can’t wait to relive this experience again on New Years Eve!

  4. I thinks so too. And if that happens i hope it will be included on the dvd. But it’s maybe because she sings so many songs during that scene, that maybe the copyrights were too expensive or maybe they were just for the live show, not for tv or dvd. Who knows? I know i dont…

  5. Thanks for this !! I was in Vegas the 28 of june 2009 . thank you for this link.
    I love Miss M thank for all. EDDY from Belgium

  6. I was thinking she cut delores out too. I went to see her three times in vegas and brought family and friends each time. And although I loved delores every guest thought that part of the show dragged a little bit. However, I would still love to see her.

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