Liz Smith Reviews “Memories Of You”

Liz Smith

JUST IN time for the holidays – though it is not a “Christmas” album – comes Bette Midler’s lush and lovely compilation, “Memories of You.” This is Midler at her best, interpreting some of her favorite great American standards. (The singer/actress/conservationist goddess’s last CD – a tribute to Rosemary Clooney – was in a similar, exquisite vein.)

Among the delicious chestnuts, Bette includes: “For All We Know“”¦ “The Folks Who Live on The Hill” ”¦ “Mr. Wonderful ”¦ “Drinking Again” – Bette describes this one in her liner notes as “my favorite bar ballad of all time””“ and “I Remember You,” which she sang in “For The Boys.” Midler recounts that “I Remember You” was written by Johnny Mercer “for the love of his life, Judy Garland. He gave it to her the day she married another man. I would have married Mercer!”

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2 thoughts on “Liz Smith Reviews “Memories Of You”

  1. Oh I love the un-fact-checked fantasy world Liz Smith lives in where Bette’s last CD was the Rosemary Clooney album. LOL Oh well, it’s a great album to name-check anyway!

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