A “Bette” Full Page Ad In People Magazine (Thanks Jimmy!)

Mister D: Bettehead Jimmy just got the latest issue of People and wanted to alert the rest of you:

i just got the PEOPLE magazine dated DEC 27 2010, this weeks its a double issue, and it has the ad for the showgirl must go on, a whole page ad, with Bette on it of course, don’t know if you’ve posted this or if anyone cares but it they are collectors like me they might wanna know i looked through 30 mags before i found it, just thought id tell you in case you did want to post this info, i need to buy 2 more one to be framed , one for the scrap book, the extra to keep whole lol, talk soon Jimmy P.

Thank you Jmmy for the info!

Mister D

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