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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time To Play Tough! Please “Like” My Happy Birthday Bette Page For Next Year!

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Happy New Year BetteHeads, Family, And Friends!

Have A Wonderful New Year!

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Twitter: Is Bette Loopy Or Creative?

The Sydney Morning Herald Stars who said too much January 1, 2012 We love celebrities for their looks, glamour and blinding star power – and sometimes, for the things they say in public. We look back on some of the most startling quotes of 2011. I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” – CHARLIE SHEEN Translation ”I have no idea what I am saying but everyone seems terribly interested in hearing it.” The fallout Sheen lost his television gig and fans booed his live shows. He’s better now. We learnt Some celebrities should just be given chocolate milk when they need a pick-me-up. It was totally different than being in a basketball game.” -New Jersey Nets star KRIS HUMPHRIES, on his wedding ceremony with Kim Kardashian. Translation ”Catering-wise, oranges at half-time is fine.” The fallout Humphries discovered that being married – in this case, for 72 days – was also unlike anything he had experienced. We learnt Realty television warps your ability to listen to the sensible part of your brain. I’ve been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980. You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits – mermaid’s mine.” – BETTE MIDLER, on Twitter, telling Lady Gaga that her performance in a Sydney nightclub was not so original. Translation ”I was a loopily dressed, outrageous singing diva way before you, sunshine.” The fallout Gaga said she had no idea Midler had created a mermaid in a wheelchair act previously. ”I couldn’t hop around in that tail so I just stuck myself in a wheelchair,” she said. Midler added that she wasn’t irked by Gaga’s performance: ”[L]et’s drink this over at the Emmys in September,” she tweeted. ”Fabulous mermaids can coexist!” We learnt Loopily dressed, outrageous singing divas share a spooky artistic synchronicity. We eagerly await Gaga straddling a naval cannon – a la Cher – or balletically flinging herself around the misty British countryside in homage to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights video. We can’t carry out a DNA test to check this out just three days before the marriage.” – STEPHANE BERN, a leading royal television commentator and close friend of Prince Albert about claims (made on the eve of his wedding in July) that Monaco’s ruler had fathered a third illegitimate child. Translation ”Hundreds of salmon and dill canapes are made, the Eagles are rehearsing for the party and several million euros worth of fireworks are primed for lighting. He’s stopping for no one.” The fallout The prince wed his princess, Charlene, with much pomp and celebration despite her alleged interception by police at Nice Airport 10 days previously. A French newspaper claimed she was trying to flee to South Africa after hearing reports of the third illegitimate child. We learnt Um, she looked lovely on her wedding day. Like, two seconds.” – Playboy cover girl CRYSTAL HARRIS, commenting on how long former fiance Hugh Hefner lasted in bed. She also said they had sex only once. Translation ”I am either telling the truth or desperately trying to deflect attention from my decision to pull out three days before the wedding.” The fallout Hefner denied the claim, tweeting that he had sex ”on a weekly basis and did throughout my 2½ years with Crystal”. Harris later apologised for her comments. We learnt A large, creepy part of the world’s population will always cheer the Hefner lifestyle. I didn’t meet them. I was shoved out of the way by Jennifer Lopez. Uh oh, I shouldn’t have said that.” – MARY-LOUISE PARKER, on nearly shaking hands with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a BAFTA gala in Los Angeles. Translation ”JLo is scary.” The fallout Lopez and her mother, Guadalupe, chatted happily with the royal pair. One blogger described the singer’s grip on Prince William’s arm as ”the death claw”. We learnt Jenny really is from ”the block” – she’ll flatten anyone who’s in her way. I need to piss, I need to piss.” – actor GERARD DEPARDIEU, seconds before he urinated on the floor of a CityJet plane after trying to get to the toilet. Crew members had told him to stay seated as the plane was preparing for takeoff. Translation ”My bladder is beyond my control and a Frenchman never soils his seat.” The fallout CityJet tweeted humorously: ”As you may have seen on the news, we are busy mopping the floor of one of our planes this morning.” Depardieu’s travelling companions said the actor desperately urinated in a bottle but spilled some urine on the carpet. He apologised afterwards. We learnt Sitting next to celebrities on planes has its drawbacks. If you’re offered the opportunity to have a swastika painted on your ass, glitter on your nipples and to simulate sex with a man and a woman behind a curtain, go for it … provided it’s Cabaret on Broadway and not in some dude’s basement.” – NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, about his earlier stage turn in Cabaret. Translation ”Do check you’re in a mainstream theatre in front of a paying audience before attempting this.” The fallout Harris’s performance was acclaimed by many critics and his career continued to boom. We learnt He could be wearing anything under that nice suit. I love my boobies.” – JESSICA SIMPSON, on suggestions that she would be undergoing breast-reduction surgery. Translation ”I’m not stupid enough to think that I’m rich and famous because of my intellect.” The fallout Widespread relief from Simpson fans who adore and-or emulate her look – they all know the world remains beholden to pneumatic blonde women. We learnt No one should say ”boobies” in a public statement. This twitter shit is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Never had so many friends in my life. I’m never leaving my house.” – ELLEN BARKIN, after joining Twitter. Translation ”What do you mean everyone can read my tweet?” The fallout Since then, her Twitter followers have reeled at – or cheered – Barkin’s profanity-laden tweets. We learnt Not every Hollywood actor is pretending to personify sweetness and light. Some use rude words.
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30 Women Who Changed Our World

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Countdown to Connections 2012 — The Power of Passion Featuring Iris Krasnow: 30 Women Who Changed Our World Posted on Tuesday Dec 27, 2011 12:00 AM 29. Bette Midler “I’m working my way toward divinity.” Bette Midler’s volcanic talent and drive to succeed in show business launched her from an uncredited role as a seasick passenger in the film adaptation of James Michener‘s Hawaii, to multiple Grammy, Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her iconic performances in films like Ruthless People, Beaches and Down and Out in Beverly Hills. A uniquely gifted singer and stage performer, Midler earned her first of two Academy Award nominations for her performance as a drug-addicted rock idol in The Rose. She is equally at home singing jazz, pop, and dance music. Bette Midler’s passion extends to repairing the world. She founded the New York Restoration Project, which rescues and restores neglected parks and community gardens in under-served neighborhoods in New York City, and was recognized for her commitment to open and green space with the National Audobon Society‘s Rachel Carson Award. She has adopted highways, supports reconstruction in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, and is assisting with ongoing earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.
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Video: New Year’s Eve – Millennium Coverage – 12/31/99 (Pt.3)

Here we watch some of the wide variety of entertainment and events in the hours leading up to midnight.... N'Sync performing at Epcot, President Clinton hosts a New Year's Eve dinner at the White House, David Letterman & James Earl Jones present a Y2K Top Ten List, and CNN looks in on Bette Midler's Las Vegas concert.

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Video: Fat As I Am

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BetteBack: Bette Midler leads winners at American Comedy Award

Chronicle-Telegram Bette Midler leads winners at American Comedy Award Wed., May 20, 1987 LOS ANGELES (AP) – Bette Midler led American Comedy Awards winners Tuesday night w i t h f u n n i e s t – o f – t h e – y e ar trophies for her performance in Ihe movie “Ruthless People” and on her album “Mud Will Be Flung Tonight.” The caustic Mi d l er also won the trophy as the year’s f u n n i e st f e m a le p e rformer, w i th Woody Allen picked as the year’s funniest male comic. Allen was also the best comic in the male motion picture category for “Hannah and Her Sisters,” and Allen and Midler were both selected to be among eight comics who won n o n – c o m p e t i t i ve l i f e t i me achievement trophies. OTHER WINNERS during the two-hour show, shown on ABC-TV and billed as the first awards show to honor all forms of comedy, were Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, Lily Tomlin and Betty White. “This is a joke, right?” White said as she accepted the trophy for funniest female in a television series in her role on NBCTV’s “Golden Girls.” Carson, who did not attend the ceremonies at the Hollywood Palladium, won the television series comic award for his NBCTV “Tonight Show” hosting duties. Woody Harrelson, the bartender on the NBC’s “Cheers,” won the funniest newcomer award, Tomlin the female standup comic trophy and Williams the male stand-up comic award. WILLIAMS ALSO WON the trophy for favorite television star in a special for “An Evening at the Met” on HBO. There were three non-competitive awards. A special Lifetime Creative Achievement award was given to writer-producer N o r m an Lear, the creative force behind the 70s television hit, “All in the Family.” L i f e t i me a c h i e v eme nt trophies we re presented to Midler, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Tomlin, Sid Caesar, Steve Allen, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks and Jonathan Winters. GOLDBERG AND MIDLER dominated the nominations with four each, including funniest female performer of the year. The other nominees in that category were Burnett, Tomlin and White. Williams and Allen led the male categories with three each, sharing nominations for funniest male performer of the year. The other nominees for that award were Jay Leno, David Letterman and Eddie Murphy. The most obvious omission in the nominations was Bill Cosby, who asked to be excluded because “he won’t compete for awards,” Schlatter said. Nominations were solicited in letters to about 1,600 performers, p r o d u c e r s, directors, writers, talent hookers and entertainment industry exe cutives. A SIMILAR A W A R D S program was staged in the late 1970s by the American Academy of Humor, with which comedian Alan King was associated. After two shows, the program was discontinued.
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BetteBack: How Long You Nurse A Baby Could Be Kinky!

Hutchinson News Rock ‘n’ raunch behind Bette Sun., April 12,1987 Q. Bette Midler is a raunchy character. What is she like in her new role as a mother. — J.E. A. W i th her Hollywood stardom and a m u l t ipicture cont r a ct w i th t he Wa lt Di sney organi z a t ion, Bette has put her rock ‘n’ r a u n ch days b e h i nd her. But, she remains outspoken. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when at a Hollywood p a r ty Midl er started t a lking about n u r s i ng her d a u g h t e r, Sophie. Bette said she’d nurse the baby for six mo n t h s. “Some mothe rs nurse for a year, and t h en t h e re are a f ew that nurse u n t il the kids are f i ve or six years old,” Bette added wi th a w i n k. “Now that’s kinky.”
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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011’s Rock N’ Roll Heaven

Time Magazine 2011′s 50 Newest Members of Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven By JOSEPH MCCOMBS | December 30, 2011 Along with the widely observed deaths of Amy Winehouse and Gil Scott-Heron, a number of lesser-known musical figures passed away in 2011. They didn’t get as much recognition, perhaps, but they made valuable contributions to popular music. Here, 50 of the latest members in that band in the sky: Rhythm & Blues Mainstays Steve Mancha, 65, on Jan. 8. An unfamiliar name to all but the most devoted of Northern Soul fans, Mancha (born Clyde Wilson) sang lead on two funky Holland-Dozier-Holland-penned smashes in 1970-71: with 100 Proof Aged in Soul on “Somebody’s Been Sleeping” and with 8th Day on “She’s Not Just Another Woman.” Gladys Horton, 66, on Jan. 26. She sang lead on Motown’s very first No. 1 pop hit – “Please Mr. Postman” – as a member of the Marvelettes, with whom she also sang on such tracks as “Don’t Mess with Bill” and “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game.” Bernard St. Clair Lee, 66, on March 8. With a sparkly headband he wore onstage to reflect his partial Blackfoot roots, Lee cut a memorable figure as one-third of the Hues Corporation, famed for their 1974 No. 1 hit “Rock the Boat.” Ray Bryant, 79, on June 2. A jazz pianist and composer who worked with Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and countless others at Philadelphia’s Blue Note club, Bryant is perhaps best known for the eminently danceable “Madison Time.” Carl Gardner, 83, on June 12. “Yakety Yak” and “Charlie Brown” were just a few of the Coasters songs founding member Gardner sang lead on; he kept the Hall of Fame vocal group alive for decades even as other outfits toured as “the Coasters.” Fonce Mizell, 68, on July 5. The Jackson 5’s first hits – “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save” – were written and produced by Mizell and three others known together as the Corporation; he later produced A Taste of Honey’s “Boogie Oogie Oogie.”

Jerry Ragovoy, 80, on July 13 ...  Read More

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These Ads Get Our Vote For The Most Annoying Commercials On Financial TV

Business Insider These Ads Get Our Vote For The Most Annoying Commercials On Financial TV Linette Lopez | Dec. 29, 2011, 12:14 PM If you work in finance, then you’re watching Bloomberg and CNBC all day. It’s likely that you can identify all the anchors by name, and can whistle along to the theme music on all the shows. That’s really not so bad. The horrible part is the commercials. They burrow into your brain until you can’t forget about them. The jingles end up becoming the stuff of nightmares. Don’t feel alone because we’re watching too. We’ve compiled the most annoying commercials on financial TV here, so that we can all commiserate together. 1. Citi’s “Accessories”: The problem here is the song. It’s just awful, and for a while, we were sure the vocalist was singing “Sombody’s mashed potatoes.” She’s not. 2. Acura’s Season of Reason, ft. Bette Midler: Bette’s a classic, there’s no denying that. So why does she sound so awful singing this strange version of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”? 3. UPS, ‘That’s Logistics”: Joe Weisenthal loves this commercial, fortunately, he was overruled by everyone else who wants to scream every time they hear it. 4. Oh, and we’re not alone in our hatred of ‘That’s Logistics’. CNBC’s Joe Kernan had a minor melt down about it on Squawk Box. 5. Itau, “The global Latin American bank”: This commercial has no music, and only features the company’s name. Yet, it manages to be supremely annoying. 6. “Invest in Georgia”: Sorry Georgia, we know you’re trying but this commercial kills us with the obvious questions and the chanting voices in the background. “Invest in Georgia”: Sorry Georgia, we know you’re trying but this commercial kills us with the obvious questions and the chanting voices in the background. 7. Align, Balance: It’s a commercial about probiotic yogurt. ’nuff said. 8. HP, Let Me Entertain You ft. Lea Michele: We’re 95% sure no one on Wall Street cares about Glee, but because of this commercial they probably know and hate it. 9. BONUS: There are good commercials. We absolutely love the Grand Prospect Hall ad. It makes our dreams come true. 10. This stuff was annoying, but there’s also pure craziness on financial TV. Like this…
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