And Mister D Just Babbles On And On…

(Thank You Sammy Miro)

Dearest BetteHeads:

I have decided to take a week-long hiatus since the last two hiatus’s weren’t really hiatus’s since I posted! Ain’t that the way it always goes. Now that Bette is relaxing, I figured maybe I could relax, too, unless of course, she opens her divine mouth and makes the news somehow….then I will post as usual. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I won’t be posting just for the heck of posting for a week.

I’ll use the time wisely, like playing around on Facebook and! You know, more online things! LOL. No, I’d like to use the time to connect with face to face friends, as well. But I promise you, if there is any news, even if I’m a day late and a dollar short, I will post it, try to have something confirmed for you, whatever…

Let’s pretend there is no Bette news for a week, then I’ll be back next Monday. It’s as simple as that. What will I do when I come back? Beats the shit out of me. There’ll be more BetteBacks for sure. Also, I’ve always wanted to boost up the reviews sections, so I’ll probably work on that. If you come across any old reviews and want to help out, send them along to me with all the pertinent information (the source, date, etc…), and I need to add a few things to those sections…I’ve gotten behind. It’s hard for one person to keep up with all these pages…I don’t know how Darrell does it!

While I’m gone, take some time to catch up on old posts. I keep getting questions concerning stuff I’ve posted about already or they send me articles that are already up. I love you for it because I need the help, but this will save you and me some time. By the way, you can always send me stuff at or the other contact information listed here on the site.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you the poll results of your favorite 3 songs on the Memories Of You CD:

1. He Was Too Good To Me/Since You Stayed Here
2. Drinking Again
3. One For My Baby

I thought those were bloody good choices myself! I can’t complain with that.

I guess that’s it. I’ve rambled on enough. Be good to each other!

Love, Mister D

PS: New Poll

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6 thoughts on “And Mister D Just Babbles On And On…

  1. have a nice time relaxing! you deserved it 🙂 then you can start the new year with a lot of energy 😀

    by the way…where did you get this amazing screenshot of bette? its beautiful.

  2. youre welcome 🙂

    but I have a question…I just watched her short “Showgirl must go on” commercial on Youtube. (love the video :D)

    and she says that it will be about “a hour and a half, we have behind the scenes and the making of…”

    so I just thought that the DVD will have all these things because the TV special didn´t and it was only 70 min long.

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