Updated: BetteHead Chatter: “Casting By” Confirmed As True

Mister D Update: This has been confirmed as true

Mister D: As you’ll see below, Kim did some awesome detective work. I haven’t gotten this confirmed yet, but something tells me I don’t really need to….LOL

Kim: Hey Betteheads I checked IMDB and it says Bette will appear as herself in Casting By coming out in 2012. It looks like it will really happen becuase one of their posts on October 20th says- CASTING BY interview today with Bette Midler. She told us how casting legend, Marion Dougherty was responsible for her career. Props to New York’s A…lgonquin Hotel for their wonderful suite! Plus that is the day she tweeted from the Algonquin.

Anne: Kim: Wow that is cool:). Yes I remembered those tweets of hers when she was at the Algonquin Hotel “screaming at the wall paper” and “channeling Dorothy Parker.” I think I tweeted back saying something like she [as Dorothy Parker] was at the Algonquin to meet with the other Algonquin Round Table members. Of course I wasn’t expecting her to have read my tweet LOL!

Mister D: Casting By is a feature length movie about casting directors…it’s a documentary with a cast of 100’s (not literally) of actors and actresses weighing in on the subject. IMDB has been so wrong in the past as far as Bette stuff I’ll try and see if she’s really participating. Here’s the link to the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1293751/

Mister D: With Kim’s detective work it seems this will be for real, but I always like to check….when it comes to IMDB or Wikipedia….

Kim: Mr D. That would be great if you could check on Casting By. I also wouldn’t expect her role to be more than a few minutes, but at least wel’ll have something to look forward to.

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