Bette Midler: Campiest Oscar Presenter Ever!

Art Attack
Houston Press
Vid Pick: Camp Oscar
By Vernon Caldera
published: Wed., Jan. 26 2011 @ 7:50AM

”‹With the Oscar nominations announced yesterday, we got to thinking about our favorite Oscar moments. Roberto Benigni climbing over Americans. Adrien Brody smacking on Halle Berry. Yes, we loved these moments here at Art Attack, but in a post-Gervais world, these feel done. Let’s face it, traditional award shows are yesterday’s news.

We want to know, which videos should hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco use to make Oscar night campier than the Golden Globes? We predict multiple drag performances from both.

Who’s your favorite Oscar presenter or award winner?

In our eyes, Bette Midler‘s presentation at the 1982 Oscars still outcamps them all! Click ahead for the video.

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