Spring Picnic Update #2

It has just been confirmed that the spring picnic will be held at Gracie Mansion on May 25th, and a limited number of ticket will start at $500, so act now if these are the ticket prices you are looking for. For all tickets and reservations you can call Buckley Hall Events at: 914-579-1000

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2 thoughts on “Spring Picnic Update #2

  1. Hmmm, despite what it says I wonder if they will be doing the $250 tickets again. I was going to go again this year, but can barely afford $250 nevermind $500.

    1. Bill, just call that number and ask about the 250 tix. NYRP just told me about the 500 ones…that doesn’t mean the others aren’t going to be available. Let me knpw what you find out….

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