BetteBack: Paid In Gold

The Capital Times
Names and Faces
Thursday, April 13, 1978

”¢ Fluctuating values of the world’s currencies have led singer Bette Midler to ask for payment in gold – an apparent first in the entertainment business. Miss Midler’s London publicity agents said Wednesday that she would be paid in gold bullion for a planned British concert tour this fall. The “Divine Miss M” is believed to be the first major performer to be paid in bullion.

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4 thoughts on “BetteBack: Paid In Gold

  1. Mr. D, please, where’s this picture from? Who is the lady with Miss M? She looks like a British actress I like.

    1. i think her name was miss frank or something like that….she was bette’s dresser/designer at the time. somebody correct me if i’m wrong…

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