BetteBack: The Notorious T-Shirt

Mister D: From what I can remember it was this picture except Miss Midler was topless!

Q: Now that she’s a big movie and concert star, Bette Midler is a well known personality in contemporary show business. How does she handle the notoriety? – H.L., Cl i f ton, N.J.

A: Bette plays it refreshingly cool for the most part, treating nonprofessional public appearances with a kind of detached humor. But she wasn’t laughing recently when she discovered her face adorning a line of T shirts emblazoned with her facial likeness. What irked Bette was that the face was attached to a topless female body – distinctly not her own. Bette ordered her lawyer to prepare legal action, but no solution so far. And a lot of other female celebrities are f inding their faces on T shirts too. We’ll keep you posted on this one.

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