ShowGirl A No Go On DVD!

I’ve just been informed that The Showgirl Must Go On will NOT be released as a DVD. I was also told it never was intended to be, although I swear I got the information from somewhere. Nothing was known about the Amazon waiting list or alerts, I also got confirmed. Thoroughly confused here. Please don’t shoot nor kill the messenger! I’m very sorry!

Love, Mister D

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17 thoughts on “ShowGirl A No Go On DVD!

  1. What?! that´s such a shame…this show is so beautiful and now we will never see Delores or WAMLAW 🙁 Sometimes I don´t understand what Bette is doing… no DVD of Kiss My Brass and now this…

    Instead of producing this drag musical, she should concentrate on her own music and career!

  2. They can´t be serious ! This mutilated version of the show is all we´re gonna get ? I flew over from Germany to Las Vegas twice and saw the show six times. Having the complete show on DVD would help a lot memorizing it ! If Bette doesn´t want to make money by selling the DVD, I hope, a complete version of the show will leak out on the internet as it happened to Kiss My Brass.

  3. Are you sure? I saw a DVD of “The Showgirl Must Go On” in a photographer friend’s apartment. It must have been a bootleg video.
    No pun intended.
    Bette is a shrewd business lady. If she doesn’t want to release her Vegas work it’s her decision. I don’t cover Bette so I have no intention of “memorizing” her performance. I really enjoyed the New Year’s Eve HBO broadcast.
    Bette is a wonderful person and a true friend.

    My Respect,

    Kate Marsh

  4. Well, perhaps the ratings on New Year’s eve weren’t that great and Miss M’s camp, along with the company that would released it, lost interest on a DVD release. Mr. D, do you know anything on the SMGO ratings?

    Aside from that, The Divine One might think that a big part of the audience would loose interest in her live concerts if they have lots ot see on DVD.

    My second point is not a strong one for Celine Dion has released most of her concerts on DVD and she’s back in Vegas, probably, filling the house to capacity.

    I just say that it’s a pity more of Bette’s live/ concert work is not out to be enjoyed by future generations. Those releases would help Miss M on leaving a mark on this world after she’s gone. It would add to her legacy.

    Please, anyone, can you get me bootlegs of Kiss My Brass and The Showgirl Must Go On (complete show)? I’d pay for the media and shipping.


  5. :….(

    I must say I’m not surprised. I don’t understand Bette’s lack of interest in releasing her shows on video or CD. The only close to complete show on CD is “Live At Last” which was from a 1976 show. “Divine Madness” was a 2 1/2 to 3 hours concert (I was there one night of filming, til 1am) that was cut to about 90 minutes for the theatre release, then cut again for video release. The CD to that show is about half the movie. DeTour was released on video tape was about 1/2 of the original show as well. I would love any of her shows to be released on DVD or CD in America. I have Diva Las Vegas on DVD but can only view it on my computer. And what about the TV show Bette?

    Well, I guess I will shut up now. I’m just upset. But what about “Kiss My Brass”? That was filmed as well.

    Oh, Please Bette!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    But I still love her work!!!

  6. This is sad news as many people would have loved to have had this forever. I have it stored on my DVR still from the original airing and if it goes, that’s it. I wish I was in charge of her career! I would have released it!

  7. A message i left on Bette FB page.

    I have just been informed that you are not releasing a DVD of “The Showgirl”. Why Why Why???????????
    I was so looking forward to reliving the best experience of my life. So i am guessing Kiss my brass will not be released either?? It’s only been 6 yrs of waiting an hoping it would be released.
    So Miss Midler the most current Live concert we have available on DVD is from 1997 “Diva Las Vegas” 14 years!!!.
    I really hope u reconsider.

    Everlasting Love and Devotion.

  8. WHat i´m most sorry about is that we are not going to see Delores in this show..this amuzing show. Delores is one of HER characters, i can´t beleave they are throwing it away…i really can´t beleave it. I´m pretty upset about that and for “when a men loves a woman” song…i love her versions of that song…and i´m not going to have it from her last show!
    Don you don´t should be worried, it is not you fault…that we understand…why there is not a dvd from TSMGO, that we can´t understand.

  9. I saved Showgirl on my cable DVR and now it is gone. Am I crazy to believe that the cable company deleted only that program after the HBO run?

  10. YES…Im sad also about the decision of not releasing her HBO special of “THE Showgirl”! But atleast, i have it saved on my DVR… AS FAR as others think she should concentrate on herself ,as a artist ,instead of “Priscilla’? That’s CRAZY! This is her NEW PROJECT, and she seems HAPPY and looks GORGEOUS! And as a avid BETTE FAN since 12y/o…I cant wait to see it on BROADWAY! Because I KNOW, BETTE’s personal touch is on it! I will always back Miss M’s decisions and career! I might not ALWAYS understand it, but this is her ARTISTIC decisions! LOL… I JUST <3<3<3 Bette Midler !!!

  11. I don’t understand why she doesn’t think her fans would love to have the shows at home to watch over and over. Plus what if someone that doesn’t really know what she does buys a DVD of a show.Isn’t that a good way of boosting CD sales?They might go out and buy everything she has out.I have a big collecting of Pink,Elton, and Madonna concerts.I never have to worry about missing a concert with any of those,because they put out DVDs months after.If Madonna sneezes it’s on DVD.MY VCR tapes of Diva las Vegas and The Bette Midler Show are not going to hold up forever!

  12. To Stuart: The DVDs on are not the great copy that played in Bette´s store. There´s one version that was filmed by a handheld camera in the audience, but the quality is surprisingly good. The second version changes camera perspectives, so it can´t be a fan´s work, it must be professional. The quality isn´t as good as in Bette´s store. Maybe they remastered this version before playing it in her store. It looks like a “raw” version.

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