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Edwards Reprises “This Is Your Life
Wednesday, February 22,1981

Bette Midler
Party for David Frost‘s This Is Your Life – Febuary 22, 1981

Ralph Edwards will reprise “This Is Your Life” Thursday night in a two-hour special but has turned the emcee reins over to England‘s David Frost.

The NBC special is divided into three segments, a 35-minute collection of clips from the best of the old series and two blockbuster “This Is Your Life” surprises with a pair of

Suspense and curiosity, once again, are the keys to the show.

One: Whose life will be put on the line?

Two: Who will pop up out of the subject’s past?

Edwards’ show was one of the longest and most successful TV programs of its kind. It began on radio in 1948 as a spin-off of “Truth Or Consequences” and moved to network TV for a nine-year run, ending in 1961. It then moved to syndication for another three years, ending in 1973.

In all, 479 men, women and children saw brief re-runs of their lives through photographs, mementos and appearances by relatives and friends from the past.

“This is Your Life” was an emotional show which evoked memories, tears, -laughs, astonishment, sometimes chagrin – all live and unrehearsed.

There was a set format to the show beginning with Edwards meandering into his
subject’s life, usually in an unexpected environ. The action began with a close-up of
the astounded soul realizing what was about to happen to him.

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