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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will Bette Be At The Tony Awards?

New York Post Tonys seek a little Edge By MICHAEL RIEDEL Last Updated: 10:55 PM, May 31, 2011 Posted: 10:47 PM, May 31, 2011 Bono and The Edge popped up on the “Ameri can Idol” finale the other night and performed “Rise Above,” the big tune from “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” Their appearance helped lure 29.3 million viewers, 5 million more than last season’s final episode. Now, sources say, the Tony people are hoping — and praying — that they’ll do the same for them on the June 12 telecast, whose ratings are usually in the root cellar. Someone involved in the discussions says, “Nothing’s been decided yet — it’s a little premature.” But most theater people I talked to yesterday are confident Bono and The Edge will do a number from “Spider-Man,” probably with the show’s star, Reeve Carney, who hovered near them on “AI.” Says a wag: “He was the other guy. It was Bono and The Edge and Some Other Guy.” A Tony appearance makes sense for everybody. The telecast gets the benefit of added star power, no small thing in a theater season full of stars who weren’t nominated. And it gets a song from a show people have heard of (for good or ill). Aside from the smash hit “The Book of Mormon,” and possibly “Sister Act,” most of the plays and musicals nominated this year are obscure. “The Scottsboro Boys,” fine as it was, lasted only a month on Broadway, and the fourth musical nominee, “Catch Me If You Can,” is being swamped in the media by the “Mormon” tsunami. Bono and The Edge have a good reason to appear on the Tonys: They need to sell tickets. Now that its actors are no longer being carted off to the hospital every week, the media’s obsession with the most expensive musical in Broadway history has waned. And so has the box office. In December, the show’s advance exceeded $10 million; sources say it has since dwindled to half that. While the Tonys will never draw anywhere near the number of people who watch the Oscars — or reruns of “Murder, She Wrote,” for that matter — those who do watch buy tickets. A catchy number on the telecast usually boosts sales. Such a boost would come at a good time for “Spider-Man,” which opens June 14. While the buzz around Broadway is that the revamped show is a big improvement over Julie Taymor‘s train wreck, nobody expects the critics to declare it the next “My Fair Lady.” A “Spider-Man” source says, “We’re not counting on reviews. We just don’t want them to say it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen, like they did the last time.” (The critics piled on in February. Taymor was fired in March and the show has been substantially revised.) If the producers can get through the next round of reviews relatively unscathed, they’ve got a brand-name title, special effects and a score by Bono and The Edge to sell to the tourists this summer. A little goose from the Tonys can’t hurt, either. TONY officials are being very secretive about the telecast these days. I guess they’re trying to gin up suspense in an effort to turn this year’s telecast into the “Who Shot J.R.?” Tonys. So just keep this stuff between you and me: * Most of the cast of the shuttered “Scottsboro Boys” will be on hand to sing two songs, “Commencing in Chattanooga” and the haunting “Go Back Home.” * The “Sister Act” cast was just going to do “Raise Your Voice,” but I hear Whoopi Goldberg, one of the producers, wants to add “Fabulous, Baby,” a great Donna Summer-style song that shows off the musical’s terrific Tony-nominated star, Patina Miller. (Look out, Sutton Foster!) * The producers of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” including Bette Midler, were pouting last week when they learned their show, which only got two nominations, might not be on the telecast. But now that “Spider-Man” may land a slot, even though it hasn’t officially opened yet, Tony officials are trying to find a place for “Priscilla.” I suggest Bette do a Bono and sing a song from the show. If she does “I Will Survive,” she’ll sell tickets.
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Catching Up With Mayim Bialik

Courier-Journal Ex-‘Blossom’ star explains Jewish parenting, the Bialik way May 29, 2011 Mayim Bialik, the actress who found stardom at 12 playing a pitch-perfect mini-Bette Midler in 1988’s “Beaches,” has blossomed into quite the impressive woman. The current roles of Bialik, 35, include being a mother of two who travels all over the country speaking before Jewish organizations, neuroscientist, author and girlfriend of adorable uber-nerd Sheldon on CBS’ smash hit “The Big Bang Theory.” This Wednesday she’ll make a stop at the Water Tower to talk to local women about Jewish parenting in the modern world. And according to Bialik, whose 2½-year-old-son, Fred, was begging her to read a book to him as she spoke via phone from her Los Angeles home, you don’t have to be Jewish to apply her parenting advice. “I want to focus on what its like to educate your kids Jewishly not from a religious perspective necessarily,” she said, “… but from a social one, from a cultural one, even from an environmental one.” Eco-consciousness Bialik didn’t want to give away too many of the specifics of her talk, but she elaborated on how Judaism correlates with eco-consciousness. “The concept of going green is pretty old to Judaism. We’ve been repairing the world for thousands of years,” she said. “We have a whole holiday dedicated to celebrating the beauty (of nature).” That holiday is Tu B’Shevat, or “The New Year of the Trees,” which is observed by planting trees. It’s also a tradition for Jews to have a tree planted in Israel in honor of birthdays and other special occasions. Bialik, who has been married for eight years to Michael Stone, a stay-at-home father, also contributes to Jewish parenting site and has a nondenominational book called “Intuitive Parenting” coming out next summer from Simon and Schuster. Bialik’s development into Jewish supermom is both sweet and somewhat surreal to Gen-Xers who watched her from 1990 to 1995 on NBC’s “Blossom.” In the smart and important issue-addressing sitcom, she starred as floppy-hat-wearing-yet-level-headed Blossom Russo and became a relatable ’90s teen icon.
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Mister D’s Playlist Is Up (June 2011)

New music is up in Mister D’s Playlist featuring music from Lady Gaga, Nona Hendryx, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Grimm, and Matthew Morrisson. Hope you enjoy! To Listen: Click Here
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BetteBack: Not This One

Oregonian Not This One 1983-08-31
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Monday, May 30, 2011

BetteBack: I Want To Be Alone

Roswell (N.M.) Daily Record No rest for the weary Tuesday, August 2, 1983 LOS ANGELES (AP) – Singer Bette Midler was getting so much attention in the hospital that it ruined her rest, so “the Divine Miss M” has gone into seclusion to recover from exhaustion, her manager says. The raucous pop singer, whose slogan is “trash with flash,” collapsed off stage last week during a concert in Pontiac, Mich. “She’s just in seclusion and resting comfortably, but her doctor says she ought to rest for at least this week,” her manager, Ramon Hervey, said Monday. He said Ms. Midler is not hospitalized, but declined to say where she is “for security purposes.” “When she was in the hospital in Detroit, so many people called that it interfered with her rest,” he said. Ms. Midler, in her 30s, canceled a concert in Minneapolis last Friday on doctors’ advice. Hervey said she hopes to make her concerts scheduled in Denver this weekend. She’s tired after being “on and off the road since this time last year,” Hervey said. “She performed through March, then went into the studio to finish her new album, ‘No Frills, which should be out next week.” Ms. Midler also just completed a children’s fantasy book, “The Saga of Baby Divine,” due out in September, Hervey said.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video: Wind Beneath My Wings

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BetteBack: Midler collapses during show

The Gazette Midler collapses during show Thursday, July 2 8 , 1 9 83 PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — Singer Bette Midler, suffering from exhaustion and an upset stomach, collapsed offstage during a performance, a hospital spokeswoman said Wednesday. “Ms. Midler had a good night and her condition is stable,” said Pontiac General Hospital spokeswoman Rita Johnson. “She has a mild gastrointestinal disorder and is exhausted. She’s expected to be released in a day or two.” Ms. Midler, 40, was completing the final night of a three-day stint at Pine Knob Music Theater when she felt faint Tuesday night. She left the stage during the song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. . . Riverside Ambulance Service said its paramedics arrived at Pine Knob about 9:30 p.m. A spokesman said no emergency aid was provided “because there were too many people around her to do anything. My guys said she was just fine, but she was exhausted.”
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Friday, May 27, 2011

What Happened?

Scallywag NYRP Picnic A Mystery, Journalists Told to Leave. BY Casey Jones I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this but for now I’ll just put it down to another example of NYC publicists heavy handling of the press and their awful power trip. One just wishes they would just put away their ego and let us do our job. But that would be too much for some I guess. Woe to you Mr Bloomberg and the coverage we only wish we could have given you.- The Editor- Scallywag. His honor Mayor Bloomberg was gracious enough to host the 10th annual Spring Picnic with Bette Midler, film & singing star and founder of NYRP: the New York Restoration Project. It’s a noble and generous foundation, their sole objective is to breathe new life into New York’s parks and playgrounds by donating and planting new trees in all five boroughs. Alongside MillionTreesNYC, they literally get their hands dirty by making New York a cleaner, safer, shadier (in a good way) place to relax and play. I would be delighted to tell you all about their picnic, celebrating another year of hard work with sterling greener results. It’d be my pleasure to regale you with stories from last night, and share jokes or even a bon mot that the esteemed hosts and guests surely enjoyed. I can’t. I wasn’t there. The publicists, the Mayor, or perhaps someone at NYRP wrongly thought it’d be appropriate to invite the Press to report on an event we weren’t technically going to observe. This was the height of bad form. Very bad form indeed. Let me illustrate to you how this works, Powers That Be. People read the news (and other more socially-minded publications) to glean information about events that they don’t witness firsthand. That is where the writers come in. Journalists watch events unfold, and then we write about it. Photographers have a similar role. They have to be there, in person, observing the event du jour in order to take pictures of it. It’s a symbiotic relationship between public figures (like politicians and celebrities) and their public. If you want us to pay attention and know what you’re up to, we have to actually see what you’re up to. I understand perfectly if you wanted it to be a low-key affair. Just a few hundred select guests that are involved with the effort itself. You want privacy? Absolutely fine. THEN DON’T. INVITE. THE PRESS. Chefs don’t invite critics to their restaurants if they’re not going to taste their wares. Producers don’t invite reviewers if they won’t actuallysee the movie or play. Artists don’t invite you to galleries if they don’t show you their work. Did you think we’d embarrass you? Or ruin the evening, somehow? I can’t speak for my colleagues, but I’ve acquitted myself before A-Listers, foreign heads of state and royalty. I can handle a garden picnic. Seriously. Our job is to linger in the background. Record. Don’t get involved, don’t interfere, munch on an appetizer. That’s pretty much it. Regardless, I was invited to write about an event I didn’t actually see. “Your coverage is invited.” Let’s dance. Ms. Midler, a pillar of generosity and charm, thanked her guests effusively for coming and sharing a wonderful evening in celebration of the NYRP. Halfway through the evening, the groundhog from Caddyshack appeared and stole a tablecloth, bringing the table down as he scurried off. Glass broke, silverware clattered, and three women fainted humorously.
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Cognacscorner NYRP GRACIE MANSION PICNIC Interviews

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Bette Midler on Oprah (2008)

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