Bette TV Series And “Showgirl” (Thanks Dustin)

so i ran across this about a month ago.  i ordered it and just finished going through all of the episodes.  it’s obviously not an official release, but if you didn’t know any better you couldn’t tell the difference.  the quality is fabulous.  and it says all 16 episodes, which is true, but it also has the 2 that were aired in Australia.  no commercials, nothing cut off, it’s an awesome set!  it comes from japan so it takes awhile to get.  also, you have to have a fairly new dvd player (within the last 2-3 years) to play the discs.  i still have my original dvd player from how many years ago and it wouldn’t play them, so i got a new one, and they work just fine!  Also, i got a copy of the showgirl must go on on dvd off of ebay. it’s the emmy dvd they sent out.  so those are starting to pop up if people keep their eyes open for that.  so just a couple of things in case there’s some fans out there that never got to see/record the concert and tv series.


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