Adele On Bette Midler (Thanks Nicola)

“Bette Midler is the epitome of an entertainer. I think she is truly incredible. I’ve always been aware of her because you’re born being aware of her, but I lost my breath when she was on last year’s Royal Variety show. I thought she was incredible. She was funny and witty and talented and charming. She looks like one of those women who would command your attention even when she’s not trying to.” ~ Adele

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4 thoughts on “Adele On Bette Midler (Thanks Nicola)

  1. Although Adele is a relative newcomer, it’s high praise and great notice. Her song “Rolling in the Deep” stands out as probably the best song of the new decade. I think Adele has adapted Bette’s sense of versatility in a performer, and I’m becoming a huge fan of hers. Adele hits it on all marks, of course, noting that Bette is the consummate performer.

  2. in Rolling Stone issue with Adele on the cover (#1129) the writer compliments Adele by writing “Adele can be “Bette Midler funny,” but tonight she focuses on the songs, sometimes singing with a hand in the pocket of he jumper.”
    High praise from Adele about Bette, two ladies who are true originals in their own right.

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