BetteBack: Bette And Mick – A Secret Romance?

The Salina Journal
Thursday, February 23,1984

Q. Can it be true there’s a secret romance between Mick Jagger and Bette Midler? – K.V.

A. Bette thinks the world of Mick, but it’s mostly – emphasize, mostly – a matter of professional regard. Seems Mick and Midler recently finished making one of those music videos together. It’s called “Beast of Burden,” and it’s designed to hype Bette’s new record album.

Making the MTV clip was no burden for the Divine One, who’s had her share of ups and downs in the movie business.

“It’s the most fun I’ve had since making The Rose‘,” says Bette, referring to her 1979 movie debut.

As for Mick, Midler calls him “a complete pro, a gentleman, uncomplaining and – sexy.”

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