Bette Midler’s Numerology


5 as a Life Path Number
Bette sometimes can be disorganized and undisciplined. She often regrets of some actions that she did spontaneously. People who were born with this Life Path do not usually control their actions and behavior. It will cause lots of problems in their life, because it can lead to overuse of some forbidden things and abuse their gift of life.

Bette Midler is very libidinous. She is always ready to experience anything that her life suggests. She can find pleasure in everything that she meets on her life path, whether it is meal or sex or other experiences. This starlet does not believe in monogamy. She is polygamous in relationships. But once she had found a person for whom she can change her life principles, she will stay with him endlessly.

1 as a Birthday Number
This starlet is always looking for independence and is a very high-flying person. She rushes for success and has abilities of a leader. She doesn’t like when someone doesn’t let her to do what she wants. The main thing for her is to live the way she dreams which is to have grit and an endurance to overcome hardships.

She is an analytical and witty person. Her exceptionally good organizing skills can manage people to do her program.

Bette Midler often gets frustrated by regular activities. If she is tied too close to little details in her life, she becomes sad and gloomy.

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