No Scandal Here! :-)

Bette Midler Denies Al Pacino Romance
POSTED ON JUNE 30, 2011 AT 8:56 AM

Bette Midler wants you to know that her and Al Pacino are not bumping uglies in the wee hours of the night.

Last month, HBO announced that Midler and Pacino were teaming up for a new film on the life of record executive Phil Spector.

We all know how the tabloids can get when you have two hot co-stars working on a project together, so Midler looked to start and end rumors of a romp with Pacino before they could even develop.

“No truth to rumor that I’m romantically involved with Al. But feel free to spread it around; haven’t been on a tabloid cover in years,” she joked.

We have to give Midler credit: starting a rumor and ending it in the same sentence takes some talent.

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4 thoughts on “No Scandal Here! :-)

  1. LOL you’ve chosen a great picture of Al, not even to wanna have…i’m looking forward to see this film !!!

  2. Well you’re never to old..the voice you know …stil does it.
    So Martin 😉 attend you’re garden.

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