Video: Trending Now – Bette Midler And Lady Gaga

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9 thoughts on “Video: Trending Now – Bette Midler And Lady Gaga

  1. bette should not have called off the fight for many reasons.
    1. gaga prides herself on being original and finally someone caught her on it. She deserves to get knocked down a few notches.
    2. Don’t tell me that NOBODY in gaga’s camp knew about deloris delago. They should do their research before they put gaga in something and say its “original.”
    3. it is kinda entertaining and bette is totally right, and if bette wins the emmy it would just be the icing on the cake.

    1. Well it sure got Bette heaps of publicity. I think she brought enough attention to it to expose Lady Gaga on what she did….

  2. I love that about 90% of the blogs I’m reading are all in favor of Bette! Go Bette!!!!

    The irony is that the main bit missing from The Showgirl Must Go On DVD is the Delores DeLago mermaid in the wheelchair skit? Are we sure we can’t afford to put that back into the DVD??

  3. I thought Gaga was doing a tribute. I reckon those two have so much in common. They should be friends.

  4. gaga has stated so many times that she is a big fan of bette, so how as a big fan could she not know about delores?? she is so full of herself, she thinks she’s untouchable, really she is just a liar, i mean come on it isnt like the last time bette did delores was that long ago, it was 200 times in vegas less than 2 years ago! you couldnt walk down the strip with out passing a video board advetisng tsmgo with delores hopping around in her fin and wheeling around with like 20 mermaids! this is just ridiculous!!!!!!

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