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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who’s In Line To Win ‘Best Variety’ Emmy?

Los Angeles Times Can Lady Gaga squash Oprah and Pee-wee Herman at the Emmys? August 31, 2011 Can Lady Gaga continue her march toward global domination by conquering Bette Midler, Paul McCartney, Pee-wee Herman and Oprah Winfrey at the Emmy Awards in September? She is nodded in the race for best variety special. It’s her first Emmy nomination and she has a decent shot at taking the award home with the flamboyant and ultra-intense “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour” for HBO. Lady Gaga has already won five Grammy Awards in her young career. Her most recent album “The Fame Monster” was the backdrop for this concert tour, which has been critically acclaimed and earned more than $227 million, making it one of the biggest in concert history. She was also named Billboard’s Artist of the Year for 2010. To win the Emmy, she will have to overcome one of the most difficult adversaries possible: the Kennedy Center Honors, which won this category last year and has had great success at the Emmys for more than three decades. The most recent edition of the annual celebration of the arts featured tributes to Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Bill T. Jones, Merle Haggard and Jerry Herman (pop/rock, country, dance and Broadway all rolled into one night). The other competitors are “Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On” (a spirited concert performance for New Year’s Eve), “Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking” (a gutsy, soul-baring one-woman show) and “The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway” (a re-creation of his popular stage schtick). The ace in the hole for Lady Gaga is that her concert experience is certainly the most energetic and combustible of the works nominated. If voters want to embrace a hot star, she is really the only one in the mix.
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Photo: Radiant

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Video: The Bette Midler Show – Long John Blues

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BetteBack: Bette To Be Honored By American Cinematheque Feb. 27 1987

Pharos-Tribune MIDLER HONOR November 26, 1986 HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Bette Midler has been chosen by the board of directors of the American Cinematheque to be honored at its second annual gala benefit Feb. 27 in Hollywood. Director Sydney Pollack, coc h a i r m a n o f A m e r i c a n Cinematheque’s board, said Midler was chosen unanimously for her versatile talents in music, drama and comedy in the theater, TV and motion pictures. Midler will be toasted at the second annual Moving Picture Ball. The benefit ball originated earlier this year with a tribute to comedian Eddie Murphy.
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Lady Gaga: Not Again! Say It Ain’t So!

E Online Not Again! Did Jo Calderone—Er, Lady Gaga—Rip Off Annie Lennox‘s Gender-Bending Past?! Today 7:39 AM PDT by GINA SERPE Photo: Annie Lennox (1984) and Lady Gaga (2011) Oh, boy. In what’s become something of a trend this year, the proverbial finger has once again been pointed at Lady Gaga over claims that her innovative and inspired VMA performance art was, well, neither, and instead a blatant rip-off of another artist’s shtick. The victim of her supposed imitation this time around? Believe it or not, Madonna Bette Midler Annie Lennox. Just as interesting, however, is her main accuser: none other than our own Kelly Osbourne. The Fashion Policer was watching and live tweeting her way through the MTV show Sunday night, and, as one would, felt the need to comment on Lady Gaga’s gender-bending Jo Calderone act. She started off complimentary enough, tweeting at the start of the show, “The reactions to @ladygaga is one of the best things I have ever seen in my life what a brave lady!” However, later that night after the show, which Kelly called “the best VMAs I have seen in years”—and perhaps after a bit of Googling—she returned to the subject of Gaga’s performance. “I love lady gaga but i wish she would start giving credit where credit is due! Example…” she tweeted, linking to a video of a nearly three-decade-old clip of Annie Lennox performing “Sweet Dreams”—and looking basically identical to Jo Calderone. “1984 PEOPLE!” Osbourne added. The criticism was matched equally with those agreeing with Kelly’s assessment and, of course, with Little Monster pouring out of the Twitter woodwork to slam Kelly for daring to float such an accusation against Mother Monster‘s alter ego. Kelly, however, let the criticism roll off her back—that is, after pointing out another of Gaga’s alleged influencers…Kelly herself! When someone hit out at Osbourne for not giving her Ladyship the proper due for her own flirtation with lavender hair (a bandwagon, incidentally, that Katy Perry just jumped onboard), Kelly clarified exactly what the chain of events was on the follicular hue. “Oh sweetie pie i did it first…but thats ok I consider it a compliment it means we have similar taste :)” Not on this topic, we’re guessing. For her part, Gaga hasn’t yet commented on this latest round of identity theft accusations, but yesterday did send out a tweet thanking her Monsters “for supporting @jocalderone attending instead of myself. He came over last night with 2 moonmen, whiskey + we watched VMAs.” Of course, being accused of, shall we say, liberally borrowing from stars of the past is nothing new in Gaga’s world. Earlier this year, the newly-hatched superstar had egg all over her face over widespread claims that “Born This Way” was more or less Madonna’s “Express Yourself” for a new generation. Then came her mermaid (what? Like you don’t have one?) alter ego Yuki, who appeared onstage in a wheelchair (in fairness, how else was she supposed to move around onstage with that fin), and back came cries of rip-offs from Bette Midler, who, believe it or not, had gone the mermaid-in-a-wheelchair route years ago onstage. And just this month, Gaga was sued by an unknown Chicago songwriter, who claims she used bits of their song in “Judas” without properly crediting (or, more to the point, paying). But it’s not just a one-way street. The Little Monsters were up in arms last month, when Katy Perry posted a picture of herself in a mermaid outfit, planking, drawing cries that she had ripped off Gaga. Eh, what goes around comes around?
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Same Songs, Other Voices Jukebox Open And Ready For Play!

Same Songs, Other Voices Jukebox is Open for September with a lean, mean selection of songs that Bette Midler sang, but others as well. This way you can compare versions and see who comes the closest to being Divine! To Listen: Click Here
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Video: Billy Crystal Talks About New Movie

Fresnans nearly packed Chukchansi Park Saturday night to root for the Fresno Grizzlies and get a sneak peak at a Hollywood superstar. KMPH News spoke to Billy Crystal exclusively and he has a personal message that he asked us to deliver. “Bette Midler and I are the stars of this movie and we had a great time in Fresno tonight. Thank you everybody for coming out to the ballpark. That meant a lot to us.” Bette got the night off but Billy was everywhere. He tossed out the first pitch. He also spent a little time in the dugout and worked his magic behind the microphone. “He turns to Berra and says ‘Yogi how’s he throwing’ and Berra says ‘I don’t know I haven’t caught one yet.'” Crystal stars in the film that spotlights minor league broadcaster Artie Decker — the voice of the Fresno Grizzlies. He and director Andy Fickman believe they’re deserving of the key to the city. “It’s a very pro Fresno movie. One of the first. I think maybe the only one. We’re not saying that there’s a Fresno Hall of Fame and we would be in it. But if there was a Fresno Hall of Fame we would totally be in it. Yeah next to a big box of raisins would be our picture.” Billy Crystal and company hit town Saturday which turned out to be one of the hottest days of August. During the game a helicopter hovered high above the field. Despite the heat Crystal said the buzz around the park pumped up the crew. “When you start writing things in a script and it says exterior you know ballpark Fresno that’s one thing on a page. When you get here and the park is beautiful and the people are great it makes making these movies kind of fun.” The cast and crew worked well past the final out of the game. Good movies take time. But don’t expect to see a premiere anytime this summer. “And when we come back and screen it here… Why are you promising? By screening we mean when we come and show the movie in a movie theater.. In the winter.. In the winter.. When it’s less hot.” The baseball movie starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler is not scheduled for release anytime soon.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bette’s New Movie Titled, “Us And Them” Us And Them And The Grizzlies by Alexan Balekian The Fresno Grizzlies season has been anything but a box office hit, but don’t tell that to comedic icon Billy Crystal and the creative minds in Hollywood. The Grizzlies and Chukchansi Park will be the backdrop to a new sports movie filmed by 20th Century Fox. The movie is called, “Us and Them,” and will be filmed this Saturday night. Several scenes will be shot during the Grizzlies game against the Sacramento Rivercats. The movie is about a minor league broadcaster and Billy Crystal who helped direct HBO’s documentary 61 will be producing and starring in it. The movie will be filmed in Fresno and Georgia. So if you ever wanted to be an extra in a motion picture here’s your chance. Plot Summary: Billy Crystal is attached to star and produce. The comedy explores the differences in parenting philosophies between the last two generations, or how ‘parent’ morphed from a noun into a verb. In the film, Crystal would play a grandfather forced to take care of his three grandchildren by the 21st century rules of his daughter, their mother, who has gone on a weeklong work vacation. In the process, he is confronted with what seems to him an absurd world of negotiating with kids, Little League games where everyone gets a hit, tailored meals and ‘feelings.’ Ultimately, he reverts to an old-school-justice style of discipline.
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It’s Confirmed: Bette Midler And Billy Crystal To Star In Movie Together

I just got confirmation that Bette will be starring in a movie with Billy Crystal in which he plays a minor league broadcaster, living in Fresno. No word yet on Bette’s role (although I’m guessing it’s his wife) or the movie’s title.
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Bootleg Betty September Calendar

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