Kelly Clarkson Talks Favorite Divas

Kelly Clarkson Dishes On Broadway And Lady Gaga

Up first, Kelly dishes about heading to Broadway”¦ someday. “I probably won’t [be on Broadway] any time soon, but I do want to do a show. And I’d like to do something fresh, something that hasn’t been out.” She adds, “I’d love to do a revival of something like ”˜Funny Girl.’ I love Barbara Streisand or anything from Bette Midler.” Babs, Bette, and Kelly. Legend status.

In another clip, Kelly imagines a possible collabo with Lady Gaga. While she realizes that she and Mother Monster have somewhat different styles, their passion for music makes them a lot alike. She comfortably admits that if a cool song came along, she’d totally be down to working with her. If and when this happens, we will seriously explode. In a good way.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Talks Favorite Divas

    1. Her new album is awesome! And I just knew she had to be a Bette fan when she did “Stuff Like That There” on Idol…..

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