Please Don’t Bully Other Bootleg Betty Readers

I’m really at a loss as to what happened, but it sounds like a friend of mine was attacked verbally through his own email, so he wanted all his posts/comments deleted. I don’t want to know who did it or why, I just don’t want it happening again. It’s not fun to be attacked just because your viewpoints might not agree, but there is a way they can coexist. And yes, you can even have a hearty debate without insulting one another. But now I’ve lost a long time friend and I will miss him dearly! So please think before you respond to someone.

Love, Mister D

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12 thoughts on “Please Don’t Bully Other Bootleg Betty Readers

  1. Wut r u talking about, u damn fagget???!!! You are the first to bully and insult everyone. u deserve having lost ur friend.

  2. Just letting you know Mr. D, there are plenty of betteheads that love and cherish you, that “karen” is definetly not a bette fan, because true bette fans/betteheads only attack those who attack Bette.

  3. I hate to say it… but every site has at least one ,Don, the ones who stalk and lay in wait for their prey. Like a vulture or buzzard . And they hide behind a keyboard because they can not face the world around them. Simplicity is key call it what it is… a coward.

  4. Well, it’s hard to argue with such articulate reasoning.

    I don’t know that I ever recall Mister D. insulting or bullying ANYBODY in all of the years that I have known him, but we faggots tend to get all mushy around mentally ill women with anger management issues, so maybe I’m just blind.

    I think Don’s numbers here are proof positive that what we have here is a loving community, if even a family. And like most families, there’s often one of us who has to sit at the kids’ table and wear a helmet for fear that she’ll hurt herself or somebody else.

    Bless her heart.

  5. Who the hell is Karen??? Omg is that for real? Don, I sure hope one bad egg doesn’t ruin it for the rest of us. As for Karen… well, it’s easy to be a bully behind your computer but I’m sure in real life she’s a complete coward with extremely low self-esteem.

    1. I have no idea who she is or if it’s a she or he. I seriously doubt it will effect any of us. We’ve gone 11 years bully-free and this is probably a one-off. As i told someone else, if things start happening.all you have to do is just put a fake email up. But I seriously doubt it will come to that….

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