Book: Just In Time For Christmas, “Show Me The Funny” By Peter Desberg & Jeffrey Davis

Mister D: Just a special note for the BetteHeads – Mr. Davis has had film projects developed by Bette Midler‘s All Girl Productions among many other things….

Reviews of Show Me the Funny:

“They should have called this The Comedy Screenwriter’s Bible. Whether you want to write the next Modern Family or be the next Amy Poehler, the real-life experiences and decades of wisdom these writers share is priceless. Maybe even for those of us writing in other genres who want to inject a little humor into our work.” ”“ Stephanie Dickison, The Writer magazine ”“ June 2011

As a screenwriting major, I found “Show Me The Funny” very informative. It provided me with several techniques to approach developing a premise and writing a script, which as we all know can be a daunting task. Each writer or team of writers had a different technique they used and way of approaching things in terms of characters and story-line. Through trying different tactics I was able to find what works for me. I felt as though I received a lot of advice straight from professional writer’s mouths themselves just by reading this book! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Read it for yourself!
”“ “Karalise” via review

“A great glimpse into the development process.”
This book comes highly recommended from my friend Sam, who’s a writer’s assistant on a hit show here in L.A. The book has a unique premise: It gives an identical show idea to various screenwriters from Sherwood Schwartz to Phil Rosenthal, then explores how they each develop it differently. It may not give you insight on how to break into the business, but if you’re interested in developing TV shows or movies, it’s a great glimpse into the development process.
– Chad Gervich is a television producer, bestselling author, and award-winning playwright and Professor at California State University, Fullerton

“A fun read… that I also learned from! — This book was a lot of fun to read, not to mention it’s impossible not to realize how much I’m learning. As the reader, I felt privileged to be let into the mind of so many talented writers. As an aspiring writer, I felt this book gave me a unique and rare chance to learn how the best writers create magic.
”“ Kourtney Lyons, Undergraduate Screenwriting Student, Loyola Marymount University

“Show Me The Funny is a smart concept, smartly executed. The task of giving so many talented comedy professionals the same premise to interpret not only leads to lively results, but diversity of the responses is an excellent learning tool for aspiring writers. Clearly, Desberg and Davis understand one of the most important lessons of teaching: a spoonful of comedy makes the learning go down. This book is set to become an entertaining, yet sage advisor for the next generation of funny.”
– Julian Hoxter, Screenwriting Coordinator at San Francisco State University and author of ‘Write What You Don’t Know: an accessible manual for screenwriters’.

About the Authors

Peter Desberg is the author of 16 books. A licensed clinical psychologist who specializes treating stage fright, he has worked with many top stand-up comedians. Peter has been full professor at California State University Dominguez Hills for the past 30 years and has done extensive research on the psychology of humor. He is frequently quoted in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, and Cosmopolitan.

Jeffrey Davis began his career writing jokes for Thicke of the Night. Among his situation comedy credits are Love Boat, Give Me a Break, Different Strokes, and Night Court. He has also written for such shows as America’s Funniest People, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Bugs Bunny’s 50th Birthday, and has had film projects developed by Bette Midler’s All Girl Productions. He is an associate professor of film and TV writing at Loyola Marymount University.

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