The Saga Of Barbara Hershey’s Daughter In “Beaches” At The “People’s Choice Awards” (Thanks Stephen)

Go Fug Yourself
People’s Choice Awards Random Fug: Grace Johnston
January 13. 2012 

Let me tell you, it was NOT EASY figuring out who this person is. Because she was mis-captioned as Rachel Johnson a lot; once I figured out her name was Grace and added “actress” to it, though, I found her IMDb page, which is where I learned that – and this may blow your mind as it did mine – she played Barbara Hershey’s daughter in Beaches. YES. Beaches.

If that makes me feel old, somewhere I think Bette Midler just took an entire jar of Centrum Silver.

Having said that, this is exactly what I imagine CC Bloom would’ve told her to wear – nay, raised her to wear. Although she would have added a wig and given her the stage name FiFi LaBow. Hey, there’s still time, Grace/Rachel.

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8 thoughts on “The Saga Of Barbara Hershey’s Daughter In “Beaches” At The “People’s Choice Awards” (Thanks Stephen)

  1. “Can I bring my cat?”


    Yes, you blew my mind! How old are we? Be right back gotta go die my hair!

  2. IMDB has her DOB as 1984…that can’t be right??? That would have made her three or four when Beaches was made.

    1. Yeah…a bunch of people have been talking about that on my FB page….but I think it’s because most people lie about their age in Hollywood!

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