BetteBack: Garry Marshall – No Plans For Beaches II

Winnipeg Free Press
Tuesday, January 3, 1989

Producer/director Garry Marshall says he has no plans for a sequel to Beaches, the Bette Midler film currently garnering raves. (It opens in Winnipeg next week.)

“I’m not one for films with numbers at the end of the titles; about the only one I think would interest me would be Gone With the Wind II,” says Marshall. Remember, this is the TV producer from the ’70s who spun-off Happy Days into Laverne and Shirley and Joanie Loves Chachi.

Beaches dir e c t or   G a r ry M a r s h a ll  says he’s looking forward to reteaming wi th Bette Midler in her planned biopic of ’30s bandleader Ina Ray Hutton.


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