BetteBack – Friday, December 22, 1989: Will Bette Midler Camp Up Stella??

Lethbridge Herald, The
Friday, December 22, 1989

QUESTION: Isn’t it true that Bette Midler will camp it up in a remake of 1937’s classic weeper “Stella Dallas“? Wouldn’t it be better if she played it straight? – T.D.

ANSWER: Hold on a minute. “Stella” is the Bette Midler remake ot Barbara Stanwyck‘s definitive – movie soap opera about a woman who sacrifices all for her daughter. The Midler version isn’t due out for a while but my spies tell me it’s part camp, part tears.

“The first half is very funny,” says one Hollywoodian who caught the flick at a test-market preview. It’s the second half that will bring on the tears, I’m told.

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