BetteBack January 31, 1991: The FOUL-MOUTH FLOOZIES

The Hamburg Reporter
January 31, 1991

Can you remember when you had to apologize to a woman for using profanity in her presence? Brother, are those days gone forever!

USA Today reported that research by a psychology professor at North Adams State College in Massachusetts, shows that women’s language is fouler than ever.

The good professors study of more than 100 American made movies revealed that the male-female ratio of cursing changed from 10-1 in the 60’s to 2-1 today! (Of course, no one, in their right mind, should resort to profanity. Ever read ,the 10 Commandments? There’s a curse on those who curse!)

The study found that Whoopi Goldberg is the foulest of the foul-mouthed floozies. Cursing a blue streak right behind her was Cher, Jane Fonda, Bette Midler and Jodie Foster. Wouldn’t you love to bring those babes home to Mother?

I’ll tell you what, my Mother would have done to them. The same thing she did to me one day when I cut loose with a cuss word. She grabbed me by my right ear and marched me into-the bathroom where she proceeded to wash my mouth out with soap!

Somewhere along the line, Whoop’s ‘ Mother made a whopping mistalce-” Maybe it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Now we have liquid soap in pumps. That doesn’t work nearly as well as an old fashioned bar of Ivory!

I can still taste the soap in my teeth. And I didn’t even know what that cuss word meant 40 years ago!

Maybe these gutter-minded gals with garbage-mouth breath think they’re impressing us guys. Here’s one guy who says,-“Watch your language, ladies. There are gentlemen present!”

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