BetteBack February 13, 1991: Bette’s First Razzie Nomination (Worst Actress – Stella)

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Not An Award For Putting On The Mantel
February 13, 1991

LOS ANGELES (AP) – It’s not an award Bo Derek, Sylvester Stallone or Donald Trump is likely to brag about. All three were nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award – the film “honor” known as the Razzie.

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation bestows the prize on -the films and actors it thinks were the biggest bombs of the year.

The group, which boasts 300 members nationwide, announced its nominations Tuesday for its annual awards.

Miss Derek’s “Ghosts Can’t Do It,” the little-seen movie intended to be her comeback, led with nine nominations in seven categories, including worst picture, worst actress, and worst new star – for a cameo by Trump.

Stallone’s “Rocky V” also got battered, getting seven nominations for worst picture, worst actor and worst original song, among other dishonors.

Last year, the group dubbed Stallone and Miss Derek as the worst actor and actress of the 1980s.

In the worst actors category the nominees were:

Andrew Dice Clay, Prince, Mickey Rourke, George C. Scott and Stallone.; The foundation nominated Derek, Melanie Griffith, Bette Midler, Molly Ringwald and Talia Shire as worst actresses.

Trump got a double-whammie: He was nominated for worst new star and worst supporting actor for his role in “Ghosts Can’t Do It.” Wayne Newton also was cited in the worst supporting actor category for his role in “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.”

Sofia Coppola got two nominations, for worst supporting actress and worst new star, for her role in “The Godfather, Part III.” Miss Coppola was panned for her portrayal of a ”Sicilian Valley girl” in father Francis Ford Coppola’s long-awaited sequel.

Razzie winners are scheduled to be announced March 24, one day before the Academy Awards. The Oscar nominees are scheduled to be announced Wednesday.

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